How To Remove Insulating Paint From Enameled Aluminum Wire Organesh

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  • Posted On: Sep 14, 2020
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  • Description: How to remove insulating paint from enameled aluminum wire, referred to as peeling: 1. Use professional equipment for enameled wire peeling and laser wire stripping machine. Laser wire stripping machine refers to the use of laser to strip wire insulation, which is a new application of laser in material processing. The traditional wire stripping process is realized by special wire strippers or knives. In the mass production of household appliances, meters, and instrument industries, mechanical peeling machines with a high degree of automation are often used. Mechanical peeling will cause a certain amount of squeezing and cutting knife to the metal wire core because the jaws of the wire are in contact with the wire, resulting in damage to the metal wire core. If the jaws are not in contact with the metal wire, the insulation cannot be stripped cleanly. For insulated wires composed of multiple layers of rayon textiles, mechanical stripping is more difficult to meet the requirements. 2. Use enameled wire paint remover, enameled wire paint remover, is a product used for enameled wire paint peel off. Immerse the enameled wire in the paint stripping tank (according to the specified size) and place it in the air (20 seconds-60 seconds) and wipe the stripped paint with a cloth. The same goes for the stripping of Rectangular Enameled Aluminum Wire.
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