10 steps to charm a major customer using ISO 9001 Organesh

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  • Posted On: Jun 08, 2020
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  • Description: Those who have worked with ISO 9001 Certification in Bangalore they can know it is a management system that is recognized and used worldwide, and while individual organizations use their Quality Management System differently and the company provides some sort of guarantee to the customer that certain processes and methodologies do exist within the organization holding the certificate. One reason that rarely seems to be given is to win new business, and specifically, a level of business above that which the organization currently operates that is, to win a major partner or customer. Promote your accreditation First you can check with your certification body so that you can ensure how you can do this, but let the business community know that you are ISO 9001 certified using the permitted logo on your letterhead and website. This immediately increases your credibility. Illustrate that you stick to an international standard This will literally break down frontiers for your company in terms of permitting potential partners from different regions know that you adhere to a standard that is recognized worldwide. Showing control process and stability of product Now that you are talking to a potential partner, your sticks to the standard will promote that you can produce a standard product via your established processes. Promote customer contentment The more important to a business prospect is customer’s satisfaction; to archive the customer satisfaction the company reach the expectation of their customers Frequent improvement To achieve for continual improvement should always impress a potential partner, especially one who can see you have aspirations for growth. Promote of leadership commitment The ISO 9001 standard demonstrates that your top team is committed and involved in the ISO 9001 process with its one major output that is delivering customer satisfaction. Promoting a positive company culture Companies that sticks to ISO 9001 Certification in Chandigarh have a much more positive culture, with customer satisfaction and continual improvement being driving factors in people’s day-to-day duties; this bodes well for a major organization that may wish to build a relationship with you. Money saving and reduction of waste If your partner sees you take this seriously, it demonstrates that you can plan, calculate, analysis, and action your activities efficiently. Demonstrate scalability ISO 9001 Certification in Visakhapatnam principles demonstrate to a partner that a direct scaling up of operations is possible, given that the organization has established processes and methodologies. Make evident your ability to change A larger organization may think that you are ready for the positive change that a new business relationship will bring. Our Advice: Certvalue is a global leader in consulting, training certification and audit services providing IS services for international standards with total focus in customer satisfaction. You can easily reach certvalue by simply visiting the www.certvalue.com.