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    Do You Know Equipments Used In Car Assembly Line?

    It mainly includes conveying equipment used in car assembly line, equipment on-line of major assemblies such as engines and front and rear axles, various oil filling equipment, factory inspection equipment and various special automobile assembly line...  more
    led by rimeiaaaaa

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    Hottest Winter Curtain Trends

    Welcome in the cold season with some of the trendiest curtain fabric ideas of the winter collection to make sure your home space looks straight out of a magazine cover. The interior decor of a space doesn’t just rely on curtains, but other textiles of...  more
    led by lvyefenghao

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    What Are Properties of PP Quick Connect Fitting in Industry?

    As a new type of pipe, homopolymer IPS pipe has obvious performance characteristics. The energy consumption and thermal conductivity of IPS pipe are low. Application in hot water system will greatly reduce heat loss. In the production process of pp quick...  more
    led by fittingtony

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    We Give You A Deep Understanding of Heat Transfer Label

    Foreigners always use English to say "heat transfer label!" What does Thermal transfer label mean? The translation is thermal transfer label. Insiders may wonder, what exactly is a thermal transfer label? In fact, thermal transfer labels are labels...  more
    led by gaobao1929

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    What Are Basic Types of Pvc Cabinet Board?

    There are three kinds of materials of PVC cabinet board for cabinet boxes: Solid Wood, Plywood and Particle Board.

    Solid Wood PVC cabinet board
    Way back in the day solid wood was the only choice for cabinet box construction. It’s not used much today...  more
    led by mgmkm

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    Do You Know How to Run A Food Machine Production Line?

    Schedule preventive maintenance. A little prevention can go a long way toward warding off bigger problems later. Many companies schedule equipment checkups on a regular basis. Scheduling reminders for maintenance can help your staff remember when...  more
    led by Goldeagle0527

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    History of the Car Assmebly Line

    The automotive plant is the first thing many people think of when they hear “assembly line.” Henry Ford of Ford Motor Company is often credited with inventing the assembly line.

    There’s some dispute, however, as to whether or not Henry Ford...  more
    led by rimeiaaaaa

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    What Are Ways to Measure for Curtain Final?

    Now we’ll break down step-by-step how to measure for Curtain finial length so you can purchase the right rods and hang your curtains with confidence.

    Step 1: Measure Your Window
    You have two options when it comes to measuring your windows. Depending...  more
    led by lvyefenghao

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    Install And Disconnect PP Compression Fitting In This Way

    To install tubing into a pp compression fitting, you must simply insert the tubing through the collet and O-ring, and into the body of the fitting. The only trick is to make sure you have inserted the tubing all the way into the fitting. If you have not...  more
    led by fittingtony

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