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    Injection Mold parts Assembly Methods

    Based on the requirements of the finished product, as well as elements such as materials and cost, product design engineers have several methods from which to choose. These include:

    Ultrasonic welding: The components are held in place in a jig fixture...  more
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    Know Food Machine Production Line

    Industrial assembly line is the continuous conveying of goods handling machinery on a certain line, also known as conveyor line or conveyor.

    According to the conveyor series products, it can be roughly divided into: belt conveyor line, plate chain...  more
    led by Goldeagle0527

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    The Impact Brought By Car Assembly Line Production

    The car assembly line production further increases the labor intensity of workers. It requires workers to perform high-intensity and high-density operations. Therefore, it was controversial when it was first born. The famous American actor Chaplin used...  more
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    We Suggest You to Care About Curtain Bracket Sizes

    Curtain bracket typically comes in 5/8” and 1” widths.

    5/8” bracket cup sizes are best for sheer or lighter curtains. They fit curtain rods that are 1/2 to 5/8 inches in...  more
    led by lvyefenghao

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    Detailed Steps to Use Heat Transfer Paper

    Ask any tole painter what transfer paper is and chances are they have used it many times over. However, for most crafters, this is a little gem of a tool that most hadn’t considered or didn’t know was available. It’s called transfer paper; though...  more
    led by baodahenry

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    Know Basic Questions about Mold Parts

    How much does injection Mold parts cost?
    The cost of injection molds includes material costs, processing costs, management costs, profits, design fees and other expenses (testing, packaging, shipping costs, etc.)
    TAGMOLD is specialized in mold design and...  more
    led by Jinghongnihao123

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    What Is Basic Form of the Food Machine Assembly Line?

    1. According to the movement of the object, the food machine production line can be divided into a fixed line and a moving line.

    2. According to the number of production lines, production lines can be divided into single production lines and various...  more
    led by Goldeagle0527

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    Know Common Car Assembly Line Workbench

    The car assembly line workbench is a non-standard assembly line equipment with simple structure and strong practicability. It has very important applications in product processing and production in many industries. Compared with other non-standard...  more
    led by rimeiaaaaa