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The city uses water to improve the environment in central China.

  • August 24, 2021

    Sponge City is a new urban area designed for flood control and water management. as well as improving the ecological environment and biodiversity by absorbing or releasing occasional rainwater.Zhengzhou, the pilot city for the construction of a sponge city in Henan Province. central china It manages both stagnant water and conserves drinking water at the same time

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    with recycled water collection and recycling technology.The city has eliminated 125 flood risk points, more than three-quarters of the total. According to statistics compiled since the construction of the Sponge City began in 2016, about 380 million tons of recalled water last year used up about 380 million tons, which greatly improved the city. environmental structure and water resources

    The city's fourth ring road is undergoing renovations with roadside stones and drainage holes. Overflow collection pits have been installed in green stripes along sidewalks.Such a design will not only reduce road surface water caused by heavy rains or swollen rivers. But it also makes rainwater available for irrigation in green areas.The project also introduces recycled water engineering technology.

    This will link the treated sewage through pipes for recycling.The recycled water recycling project will cover the entire urban area of ​​Zhengzhou. until then The recycling system will provide a stable source of water to irrigate the city's green plants. The recycled water can also be used to clean streets and public buildings.

  • Jun 16
    The fourth ring road around the city is now undergoing modifications, which include installing roadside stones and drainage holes. Pits for collecting overflow have been set updordle in the form of green stripes all over the walkways. A design like this one will not only cut down on the amount of water on the road's surface that is created by intense rainfall or overflowing rivers. But in addition to that, it makes rainwater accessible for use in irrigating green regions. Additionally, reclaimed water engineering technologies will be introduced as part of this project.
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