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  • Apr 12

    We want to ensure players (that's you!) are able to get all the Wild Rift skins and items their hearts desire. That means that you can purchase Wild Cores using a variety of methods.To get more news about recharge wild rift, you can visit official website.

    All of the payment methods below are based on the Region of Residence listed on your Riot Account. Region of Residence is the geographical area you live in, and it decides which servers you play on, which payment options you have available to you. If the payment options listed below are not available for you, you may have the wrong region listed on your account. Login here to see if you’re eligible for a change!

    You’ll be able to make payments using credit cards, your phone bill, certain banks, some retail stores (e.g. 7-Eleven), and most of the major e-wallets (e.g. GOPAY, Grab Pay, GCASH) across Southeast Asia. Additionally, you’ll also be able to purchase Wild Cores with even more payment methods when purchasing from our web store partner: Codashop.

    We’re always looking to improve our payment options, and while we can’t guarantee we’ll have every single type of payment available to you, we’re certainly going to try. We don’t currently offer Riot branded PINs or gift cards, but may do so in the future.

    If you’ve got feedback on our payments coverage or want to suggest options for us to look into, please let us know!


    While in-game content (like Skins and other cosmetics) can be refunded in client, refunding of Wild Cores must be done through submitting a player support ticket, such as in the case of an unauthorized purchase.
  • Apr 27
    In Wild Rift SEA,eggy car customers can pay with Visa, Mastercard, or other popular credit/debit cards. For players who have a card, this payment option is typically the simplest and most practical.
  • May 4
    It seems like you are quoting a statement from the official sumplete unlimited website of Wild Rift, a mobile game developed and published by Riot Games.
  • May 10
    It's great to see that there are various payment options available to players, including credit cards, phone bills, banks, retail stores, and e-wallets. It's also good to know that players can purchase Wild Cores through Codashop, which offers even more payment shot io
  • May 26
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  • May 26
    These platforms often offer in-app purchases, including virtual Mini Crossword currencies like Wild Cores, which can be used within the game.
  • Jun 11
    Monkey Mart is a delightful game where players manage a bustling store filled with adorable animal customers. Stock shelves with bananas, coconuts, and more to cater to their unique preferences. Serve quickly, earn tips, and unlock upgrades. Can you handle the chaos and keep Monkey Mart thriving?
  • Aug 17
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