What is faux hawk hairstyle for men?

  • There are two crucial things that you need to consider if you’re thinking of getting the faux hawk installed on your head: your face shape and your lifestyle.

    Those with a longer face (rectangular, triangular) will need to make sure that their faux hawk doesn’t have too much length on top and the sides aren’t taken too tight, as this will add even more length. Those with a wider face shape (heart, round) should follow the opposite advice by adding height on top and going shorter on the sides. Like with any cut, you need to think about what will provide balance to your mug, apart from oval-faced guys – who can pretty much do whatever the hell they want.

    Here’s another head’s up: those artfully tousled faux hawks seen on the crowns of celebs are not the result of rolling from bed to red carpet. The longer your faux hawk is on top, the more effort it will take to get it into the right position and stay there. If you’re time short, go short.