The starter assembly line is one of our products. Let me introduce to you what is the meaning of cleaning and cleaning parts before assembly?

      During the assembly process, it must be ensured that no impurities are left in the parts or components, otherwise, the friction surface of the machine will be quickly worn, and the machine will be damaged in a very short period of time. It can be seen that the cleaning and cleaning of parts before assembly is of great significance to improve product quality and prolong its service life. It is especially important for bearing precision fittings, hydraulic components, seals and parts with special cleaning requirements.

      What are the contents of cleaning and cleaning of parts during assembly?

      (1) Before assembly, remove the residues on the parts, such as molding sand, rust, chips, oil and other dirt.

      (2) After assembly, remove metal chips generated during assembly, such as residual chips from drilling, reaming, tapping, etc.

      (3) After the components or machines are tested, wash away the metal particles and other contaminants produced by friction.

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