• The starter assembly line is one of our products. Let me share with you the characteristics of the industrial automation assembly line.

      As a production mode of automatic mechanical operation, the industrial automation assembly line is widely used in various manufacturing industries. At present, a considerable number of products in the manufacturing industry are assembled and manufactured using automatic assembly lines.

      come out. The industrial automation assembly line production model will continue to play an important role in the manufacturing industry.

      The industrial automation assembly line is a useful combination of people and machines, which can fully reflect the production performance of the automated assembly line.

      Machines, testing equipment are useful for combined on-line production, as well as flow delivery requirements for multiple varieties of products. The automatic pipeline transmission method includes the mandatory type of synchronous transmission or the flexible type of asynchronous transmission.

      According to the choice of configuration, then the requirements of the device and transportation can be realized. For the conveyor line is indispensable in the mass production of the enterprise, it saves the labor cost for the enterprise.

      Step production obedience.

      The industrial automation assembly line adopts a special appearance-treated extruded aluminum table gold profile as the guide rail, so that the self-flow conveying system has good stability and durability during the conveying process, which is suitable for products

      Mass production continues. At the same time, the naive and diversified design of the self-flow conveying system makes it have the characteristics of multi-function.

      1. The sequence of stations is free to choose, and the whole line is actively controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC), which is easy to use, simple to program, easy to debug on site, and can modify the program online and change the control system.

      control without dismantling the hardware.

      2. The production rhythm is free rhythm or forced rhythm.

      3. In the form of installation line, there are two sides of the board, and the center is back to the board; left and right circulation; up and down circulation.

      4. The tooling board runs at twice the speed of the conveyor chain, and can also be stopped at any station as necessary, while the conveyor chain continues to run.

      5. Make the tooling board electrified, which can realize online detection and online aging.

      It will be relatively stable in production capacity, and this active processing system is composed of self or multiple machine tools, and it can also have a drop when applause occurs.

      The ability of high-level operation, and our material conveying system will have the ability to bypass this faulty machine tool on its own. The operation of the assembly line can improve our work obedience and improve the workers

      The level of proficiency, and the products produced are more standard and uniform, the assembly line plays a very important role in our production of equipment.

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