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    Shubham Housing Most of the home loan borrowers are those whose major part of their income goes as EMI every month. Home loan EMIs last for a long time. In such a situation, it is very important to see how much home loan you are taking and from which bank, and how much...  more
    • Mar 16
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  • Shubham Housing
    Shubham Housing Eligibility of Home loan in Lucknow
    · If your income and occupation are stable, then you can easily get a loan.
    · The minimum age limit is 23 to 25 years and the maximum.
    · Home loan repayment age is limited to 65 to 70...  more
    • Mar 14
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  • Shubham Housing
    Shubham Housing If you are a growing business and often face cash flow issues, you can use our Loan against Property to resolve these issues for good. Whether it’s to pay suppliers or salaries, stock inventory to meet growing demand, or cover running expenses, our...  more
    • Mar 10
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  • Shubham Housing
    Shubham Housing If you are planning to buy a house, then it will not be complete without home loan. This time is absolutely suitable according to the home loan. The interest rate on home loan is also very less. But, how much home loan a customer will be able to afford,...  more
    • Mar 7
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  • Shubham Housing
    Shubham Housing If you are a working person, about 40% of your monthly income can be considered an EMI loan. The profit you make for the
    self-employed largely determines the value of the home loan you qualify for. Now that you know the terms of a home loan or personal...  more
    • Mar 5
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