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I guess just they didn't add it to OSRS gold

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    April 13, 2020
    I guess just they didn't add it to OSRS gold spotlight when it was released, but I'd love it if deathmatch was inserted into the spotlight rotation.There is a 100 percent chance it would only be fostered to all hell. I really don't believe you'd find any extra actual gameplay out of it, you would just be killing afkers not fighting back.I feel like Deathmatch is already in a position to become encouraged, but on spotlight the people that are active would rake in the things from people who are AFK. It is the spotlight game that is perfect.

    Last time I tried to do barb assault there was one group there and they were not even playing it only farming thaler points.Pretty certain I looked in there and it was also dead, more just pointing out that"people do them spotlight" is not actually true.Just coming from a fun hardmode run like killing the king. Did it with clannies because that's
    what clans can supply for you. Also ba and fc discord are not as dead as you think and there are people trying to trim out there.

    They will need to change its given out. Only give wonderful points if you win or personal performance (damage, objectives, ect). Enough of a difference at which it would be a massive waste to not play.They play SOME mini games on spotlight, but a few of them are simply ignored regardless because they're outside dated and have no useful rewards aside
    from the thaler.

    What they have to do is really expand thaler functions and Cheap Runescape gold how wages are dulled out and expand the store. They need to quit worrying so much about miniature games in terms of rewards. Mini games are intensive, and to stop people you can double points if you win, thaler included. I truly believe minigames can make a big comeback. We've learned time and time again all ot takes is to create content rewarding to acquire Runescape player curious. Along with the fact that games can he the most enjoyable Runescape game has to offer, I believe theres hope.