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Are you applying sunscreen wrongly?

  • July 28, 2021
    Are you applying sunscreen wrongly? Your burning sun-care questions answered

    It is ironic that in slotxo ผ่านเว็บ sun-drenched Singapore, sunblock use still isn’t a regular part of most people’s daily routine.

    We are often too busy or too lazy – or both – to bother. Chances are the auntie going about her day would rather shield herself with an umbrella. And maybe any reminder to slap some on would lead to retorts like “I don’t sunburn" or "I'm not going to the beach".

    And for those who are conscious about the need to put on sunblock, doing it the right way can be confusing. How much? Should you use a make-up sponge for even coverage? Is the spray-on version effective?

    Here’s what the skin experts say.

    The recommended quantity used to be a teaspoon but recently, we’ve been seeing finger length measurements used. Which one is it?

    Both are basically a rough guide to ensure you have 2mg of sunscreen covering each square centimetre of skin, said Dr Lee Mun Heng, the medical director and an aesthetic doctor with Cambridge Medical Group. “The two-finger rule helps serve as a useful visual measure,” he said.

    That works out to about the following quantities, according to Dr Eileen Tan, the dermatologist from Eileen Tan Skin Clinic & Associates. “The important message is to apply sunscreen evenly and thoroughly, and aim to fully cover the face and body,” she said.

    Apparently, there is. If you have the habit of rubbing sunblock very vigorously onto your skin (because you want to dissipate the sunscreen’s white cast), that’s not the right way.

    In studies, it was found that rubbing decreased the sunscreen’s SPF by up to 20 per cent, regardless of its cream, gel, lotion or spray form, said Dr Teo.

    Tugging and stretching your skin too much during application can also create unwanted friction and lead to skin sagging, said Dr Lee.

    Instead, you should gently apply in circular motions and, of course, use the right amount to ensure sufficient coverage for each body part, advised Dr Teo.
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