Madden 21: The franchise model update may be too late

  • 2020 will be difficult for everyone. Including game developers.

    The release of Madden 21 created one of the biggest gaming-related Twitter buzz we have ever seen. But not for the right reason. Madden 21 Coins spread widely and showed EA how dissatisfied their fan base is.

    Since then, we have seen negative reactions to other sports games (such as NBA 2k21). Considering that this kind of franchise is usually at the top of the leaderboard, this may indicate how difficult it is to create games during the coronavirus outbreak.

    In a series of videos and public statements, they are committed to focusing on the development of the franchise model. They outlined the two-stage approach between Madden 21 and Madden 22.

    For Madden 21, the goal is to generate "two or three" updates to improve the experience. This focuses on different UI elements, customization and adjustments. They also mentioned better specialist tools, which are designed to give you more control over your franchise.

    Madden 22 changes are where changes need to be made gradually. They put forward some suggestions, such as scouting improvements, better teamwork spirit and so on. This is where EA wins and loses. They have made a plan, but they must implement it now, but it is not clear when. Madden 21's nightmare of encountering various errors did not help. This takes precious development time to update the franchise, but it also makes fans impatient.

    In the absence of major franchise model editing every time an update is passed, fans will question when they will see their promises. Buy Madden 21 Coins is obviously EA's top priority, but time is running out.

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