Madden 21: The player who performed well

  • The Madden score adjuster has been put into use this season and provides a set of adjusted scores for fans. While waiting for the next update, at least four people urgently need to upgrade.

    Cam Newton of the New England Patriots is one of them. Newton's total score at the beginning of the season was 78. After a strong performance against the Miami Dolphins in Week 1, he scored 1 point. Newton scored 397 yards, was a tank destroyer, and lost to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday night and won another Madden 21 Coins with a staggering 35-30 defeat.

    When you consider everything we saw from Newton that night (consciousness, arm strength, accuracy, speed, elusiveness, etc.), Newton seems to be moving in another direction.

    According to the professional football focus, Newton has been the NFL's fifth-best quarterback in two weeks. If he gets another promotion in the category related to the above skills, Newton will have reason to be rated 84 or 85 when he enters the week 3 clash with the Las Vegas Raiders.

    It seems that even EA knew that Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen was about to upgrade. His overall score was 77, but he led the NFL by 704 and broke through two weeks of passing distance. Allen also scored 6 TD passes without being intercepted.

    These numbers look good, but the performance of PFF assessors is currently ranked 15th. However, he may see an improvement in his rating.

    After the outstanding performance in Week 1, the second-year guard of the Chicago Bears saw his overall rating improve from 78 to 79. He injured his neck in the second week, but still returned to the game and scored 82 yards at 16 o'clock. transport. He also seized three passes and a tank destroyer for 45 yards.

    Montgomery averaged five yards per carry, and this year looks much faster than rookies. Overall, Montgomery's 80 or 81 points feel good. In two weeks, the defensive center of the Pittsburgh Steelers had the highest PFF rating among all defensive players. Alualu's performance on the run is almost as effective as his passing. After the first week, his overall score in Madden 21 rose from 74 to 75. If the player wants to get points quickly in Madden 21, the best way is to buy madden 21 coins on the website. Maybe he should be shocked again. If he has another great game in Week 3, it is the theorem.

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