Path of Exile: Heist is about to land on PS4 and Xbox One

  • Developer Grinding Gear Games announced that the prestigious action RPG Path of Exile, Heist, is the third major expansion in 2020 and will be available on PlayStation4 and Xbox One consoles today.

    Since last Friday, September 18, the content has been available on PC and Mac players.

    As the title implies, in Heist, players need to hire a team of skilled thieves to help them infiltrate the guarded facilities and "recycle" valuable POE Currency. Passing security measures will require a cautious and well-thought-out decision, otherwise, the siren will sound and the guards will be overwhelmed in an instant. Picking up artifacts will always trigger an alarm, and when this happens, the player will have to run to the extraction point as never before. If they cannot escape, they will lose everything they managed to steal.

    The successful completion of a risky robbery will pave the way for any thief to execute the ultimate goal of a "big killer". You will need to gather resources and information to enable you to visit the factories where the large coup d’état was conducted. If you have a good plan before, you can make sure everything goes smoothly.

    "Path of Exile: Heist" is a free action game. Players do not need to spend extra money. In the latest expansion of Path of Exile Heist, there are 13 new NPCs (non-playable characters) with rich background knowledge. These characters have Can be upgraded, and can be equipped with new modifiable items. In addition, a port has been added, Porto Dos Renegados Port is a new urban style area. Players can immediately access the world area containing available actions when the character progress starts.

    Some new item types have been added to the expansion, including alternative quality gems, unique item replicas, thief's decorations, experimental base types, weapon enchantments and chest ornaments. Players can buy more loot by Buy POE Currency. Seven new skills and adjustments of steel skills, curses and spells have been added to the skill development. The latest version is also available for macOS!

    Heist is one of Grinding Gear Games' most ambitious expansion ever. Its development began in March, just before the Covid-19 pandemic caused New Zealand to enter a mandatory lockdown.