Is Online Casino Austria Legal?

  • Is Online Casino Austria Legal?

    Austrians enjoy a wide range of online casino games including video slots, poker, and table games. However, it is important to understand how gambling is regulated in the country and whether online casinos are safe for local players.

    Gambling in Austria is regulated by the country’s gaming law, called GSpG. This law limits monopolies in the country and regulates all forms of gambling. It also aims at preventing gambling addiction and ensuring user safety.


    Gambling laws in Austria are based on player protection, and aim to protect them from gambling addiction and criminal activity. The law also prevents data misuse, and provides safety standards for online gaming operators.

    In addition, there are strict regulations on taxation and correlative concessions. Operators of sports betting must pay 2% of all stakes, while those offering electronic lotteries face a 40% tax on gross revenues.

    In addition, Austria has a monopoly on games of chance (glucksspiel in German), which was established to counteract gambling addiction and protect consumers. Only state-run casinos or lottery companies can operate in the country. However, there are exceptions for certain betting activities and games of chance with low stakes.


    The legality of online gambling in Austria is determined by the country’s laws. Those who wish to participate in these games must first register with a licensed operator.

    The Gambling Act (GSpG) regulates all casinos, lotteries and other games of chance. The Act also determines which types of games are considered games of chance and which are not.

    In addition, Section 56 GSpG obliges casino and lottery licensees to restrict their advertising to a responsible scale. However, non-compliance with this provision effectively remains unsanctioned.

    Sanctions for illegally offering land-based gambling are primarily administrative fines, while those for online offerings are mostly financial penalties. These include blacklisting websites and blocking of Internet traffic.

    Games offered

    Online Casino Austria Legal offers a variety of games. These include online slots, Roulette, Blackjack, and Poker. It also features a lottery site called win2day.

    In Austria, online gambling is regulated by the country’s Glucksspielgesetz (GSpG). This law protects the players’ interests and provides them with a safe playground to play.

    It also ensures the safety of their personal and financial information. It also limits the risk of online gambling addictions.

    While the GSpG has its share of flaws, it is a positive development for online gambling in Austria. It has a strict set of regulations that make it difficult for fake websites to operate.

    The GSpG also has a list of blacklisted sites that are considered illegal in Austria. Its main aim is to prevent users from losing their money to illegal online casinos. The GSpG also protects user privacy by not sharing their personal details with other third-party websites. It also aims to create anti-corruption systems to stop casinos from influencing politicians.

    Payment options

    In Austria, players can deposit and withdraw funds via a variety of methods. These include credit cards, bank transfers and PayPal.

    Gambling on a game of chance is legal in Austria and can be played at licensed casinos. However, it is also illegal for foreign gambling operators to operate in the country without a license.

    Casinos in Austria are regulated by the government to prevent organised crime and money laundering, protect players, mitigate problem gambling and maintain market stability. There are 12 casinos in the country (the maximum number of casinos is 15).

    The Austrian government has a monopoly on games of chance ("Glucksspiel") which means that only state-run institutions can offer these services. This was introduced to counteract gambling addiction, protect consumers and prevent unlawfulness and crime.

    Despite the strict laws, there are a number of reputable online casinos that accept players from Austria. They are available to Austrian citizens as well as tourists and non-citizen expatriates, which makes them an attractive choice for players.