How To Pick The Right Exterior Paint Colours

  • You already have a favourite colour, so choosing the perfect exterior paint will be easy, right? Wrong! Choosing the right exterior paint colour is an awful task since there are different factors to consider. According to Exterior Painters Melbourne experts, there are several factors that you'll want to prioritise before committing to a new colour. Factors such as colour schemes and paint type all come into play. External vibes range from Soho to alternative.

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    Here is everything you need to know about picking the right exterior paint colour to make the exterior painting project less overwhelming.

    • Features And Materials

    When selecting the right exterior paint, you need to consider all the features and structures you will be painting. Therefore, you should list these features, including the roofline trim, siding, porch ceiling, front door, shutters, railings, and stucco. Then, make a list of the materials the new colour needs to coordinate with. Narrowing down the features and materials will make selecting an exterior colour easier, or you can seek advice from professional Exterior Painters Melbourne experts for the best colour option.

    • Make A Colour Consideration

    Irrespective of whether you wish to repaint your home's exterior or paint it for the first time, you should make the top three colour considerations. The first is the field colour. It is the primary colour of the house, and we always choose a neutral colour for the field colour. The second is the trim colour, which is the colour of the window trims, ceilings, columns, overhangs, and railings. You should aim for a lighter or darker shade than the field colour. Lastly, consider the accent colour. It adds a stunning and bright pop to the exterior, but is only limited to the front door and shutters.

    • Try A Swatch Test

    The swatch test process will provide a more realistic sample to help narrow down your options. Sometimes, the colour choice may be correct, but the surface texture may change how the colour appears. So, try a small swatch test and paint an inconspicuous area of your building to see how it appears.

    • Choose A Warm Color

    Most people have black or grey as their favourite colours. While they may not be an issue, you must choose a warmer colour for your exterior. The natural sunlight has a cool colour temperature, so you might need to compensate by choosing a bolder or warmer colour.

    • Get Professional Advice

    Choosing the wrong colour for the exterior of your house can be an expensive mistake that leads to unnecessary headaches and wasted time. If you want to take the stress and worry out of deciding what exterior paint colour is best for your home, connect with professional exterior painters with vast experience and knowledge to help you choose the right colour.


    Take your time when choosing the exterior paint colours for your home, and test the colours to see how they look at different times of the day. It's wise to get expert help from Painters Melbourne experts, who can advise you accordingly on the best colours for your home.