5 Ways to Boost Your Rigger Recruitment Strategy

  • If you’re in the business of rigging, then you know that it takes a lot of manpower to get the rigger jobs done on time and with high quality. With the right recruitment strategy, however, you can get more people working under you while still being able to take time off whenever needed. Here are five ways to recruit riggers and keep them working for you long-term.

    1) Define who you are looking for

    Riggers have their own niche of expertise and language, which can make it difficult for non-riggers to recruit them for rigger jobs. One way around that is making a list of criteria that best defines your dream rigger candidate: if you’re looking for a rigger with at least 5 years of experience in port construction and someone with excellent leadership skills who also keeps calm under pressure, you’ll be better able to identify (and communicate with) candidates who meet these criteria.

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    2) Develop a candidate funnel

    Riggers are hard to come by, and if you’re just getting started, it can be a challenge to find them. Don’t put your rigger recruitment strategy in just one basket! Developing a candidate funnel is an essential piece of any recruitment strategy that can help you engage and attract potential riggers.

    3) Have an exciting opportunity to show them

    If your team is recruiting new riggers, you may want to consider taking them on a site visit. This allows you to show your applicants what it’s really like working for your company, whether it’s hot or cold, out if it’s safe or not—and, more importantly, how you operate day-to-day. Make sure these are all positive experiences that allow an applicant to see first-hand why they should join up with your team.

    4) Research your market and competition

    The first step in any recruitment strategy is to research your market and competition. Riggers are one of the most sought-after roles in exploration, so it’s important you get rigger recruitment right. If you don’t know where your competition is bringing their recruits from or how they structure their pay plans and benefits, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage when it comes time to fill open positions.

    5) Create great content

    Content is king on social media. If your company isn’t regularly putting out high-quality content that people want to share, you won’t get any attention from candidates. Look for unique and engaging ways to present information about your company culture, mission, vision and benefits. Ensure that you are creating content that speaks directly to potential candidates and creates a connection with them by showing them how you can help solve their problems.


    The human resources field, much like many others, is rapidly changing. Keep your business ahead of these changes by investing in good employees. Rigger jobs are in high demand and will continue to be so for a long time if you’re looking for ways to boost your rigger recruitment strategy and make it more efficient, use these five tips today!