She can't be touched.

  • After that, Xu Yan returned to the original life of jade and gold, arrogant and domineering, spending money like water. Onlookers speculated about when Zhou Peichen would get tired of her. One day, the news exposed a group of photos of two people pulling and pulling at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau, suspected of quarreling. Everyone thought that Xu Yan was going to become an abandoned woman, and the picture of clapping hands and praising expectations came true. That night, Zhou Peichen's microblog, which had not been used for a long time, was updated. Zhou Peichen: I don't want to divorce. [Clever, arrogant, bankrupt young lady X cool, reserved and noble president of love brain] 、21 Feng Xi was beaten and carried horizontally by him. He struggled left and right and could not escape. He could only clench his fist and knock on Shen Xufang's back. He shouted to Aunt Zhang in the living room for help, "Aunt Zhang, help me!" "Aunt Zhang just chuckled and watched the scene of bustle, not to mention saving her, thank God for not helping Shen Xu." You put me down! Feng Xi has been trying to break free, almost holding the posture of perishing with him, Shen Xu let go on the stairs, almost she kicked a stumble down, he was a little angry, reached out and slapped her buttocks, "don't move." Into the room, Feng Xi was directly carried on the bed, she was shocked to see stars, frowning mouth fragrant, "dog man,endless swim spa, you ***ing throw me again try!" Shen Xufang pulled his tie loose in a ruffian manner and laughed wickedly. "Just try it." Seeing that he was coming again, Feng Xi was startled. "What are you doing?" Shen Xu took off his coat, unbuttoned his shirt collar, half of his chest leaked, and the Adam's apple rolling up and down made people feel tight in their hearts. Feng Xi's intuition was not good. Just as he wanted to run away, he was picked up by the princess. Shen Xu put her in her arms like a chicken, two arms evenly, firmly in the circle of Fengxi in her arms, she looked up to see the man's delicate jaw, smooth lines,endless swimming pool, cold eyes filled with hot emotions, as if the beast was ready to go. Elder Brother Feng Xi could not hold back, hurriedly begged for mercy, "I am too young to say the wrong thing, you let me go, I promise to take a bath on time next time, never smelly you." Shen Xu turned a deaf ear and strode to the bathroom with her in his arms. As soon as he entered the door, he walked to the mirror with her in his arms. Washstand space is very large, behind the mirror wrapped in retro European pattern edge, Fengxi has not had time to land on the washstand to sit, marble touch cold, Fengxi sat on the stage, cheeks red, heart almost jumped out of the throat. The lamplight of warm yellow is illuminated, the lemon bath lotion fragrance that belongs to a bathroom alone is small acid, ambiguous ground is in nose tip transmission. Shen Xufang did not speak, holding the washstand with both hands, holding the little girl firmly in front of her eyes, indoor endless pool ,jacuzzi suppliers, four eyes, nose and lips facing each other, as if there were violent fluctuations in the quiet air. Feng Xi dare not open his mouth, so close distance, even can feel each other's breath, as if in an absolute balance and absolute danger of the fulcrum, lest a little carelessness, each other will fall into a difficult situation. Do you want to wash it? Silence for a minute, Shen Xufang finally opened his mouth, his voice hoarse and rough, as if trying to suppress something. Feng Xi felt a little astringent in his throat, looked at his dark eyes, and did not speak. Just keep looking at each other, as if to see each other's heart. In the end, Shen Xu was defeated. The little girl's eyebrows and eyes were delicate, her inner canthus was slightly pointed and thin, her eyes were raised with their own amorous feelings, and her wet eyes were innocent and perturbed. Under the ambiguous light, they seemed to be two fascinating whirlpools, which took away his soul. He stood up, turned his back to her, and took two deep breaths. Take a step to go out, close the door, the voice is quite a bit of forbearance uncomfortable, "wash slowly." The door of the bathroom was closed for a long time, and the sharp breath of Shen Xufang on the tip of her nose had dispersed, but Feng Xi sat on the washstand for a long time, and the cold marble could not extinguish the boiling heat in her heart. She dared not think, but she had to admit that her heart almost jumped out of her body at the moment when the dog man touched the tip of her nose, a feeling of trembling limbs and weakness that she had never experienced before. Does she already like Shen Xufang? Feng Xi was haunted by this question all night, and when he got up the next day, his eyes were grey and swollen like peaches, looking funny and cute. Aunt Zhang went to the refrigerator to get ice water for her, and Feng Xi sat on the sofa to reduce the swelling while watching TV idly. TV just in the broadcast of an entertainment news, Genting Hotel is holding a conference, actress Fang Meng returned from studying abroad, just came back to take over a big production of the heroine, by Shengji Group and Huanya Film and Television investment war history theme film, by the domestic top director Chen Zhenhe guidance, whether from the line-ups, or investment, are considered to be the annual giant in the film and television circle. The camera has been facing the graceful square lemon on the stage, the tassel suspender and fishtail skirt, the seaweed-like wavy hair scattered on both sides of the shoulders, the delicate collarbone flashing with delicate highlights, let her see the human beauty that will be moved. Feng Xi took a few glances and suddenly saw a familiar figure. Shen Xufang sat in the first row under the stage, with his legs crossed, sitting upright, his face handsome and dignified, and his temperament graceful. The camera stayed on him for a long time with ulterior motives. The host of the studio broadcast also added narration at the right time. "We can see that the president of Shengji Group was also present in person. First, he attended the launching ceremony of the group project. Second, we also know that Shen Zong and Fang Meng are also good friends for many years. The relationship between them is still complicated and confusing." Feng Xi unscrewed the bottle of ice water and poured several mouthfuls into it, and the evil fire in his heart went out a little. Aunt Zhang passed by with the dish and saw her reclining on the sofa. She came over worriedly. "Madam, your husband said he would come back to pick you up for dinner in the evening. Your eyes are still swollen. Apply it for a while, or you won't look good when you go out at night." Feng Xi curled his lips, drank several more mouthfuls, put the remaining half bottle of water on the tea table, and went upstairs, leaving a sentence,outdoor whirlpool, "If he thinks I'm not good-looking, I won't go, as if anyone would like to go out to dinner with him." 。