Reborn Princess of the Shang Dynasty

  • Wu Mingyuan replied with a smile, "Brother yuan and his uncle and father are in the backyard with our ancestors. They can't leave for a while." Text Volume Chapter 393 has revenge to be avenged. Zhao Shiming in the heart a tight, can let Hou Ye accompany, let too madam interview person, must be the status is not low person. Zhao Shiming first thought of the king of Liang, Wu Mingjie, the prince of Hou Fu, who served in the palace of Liang Wang. Moreover, the emperor's wife who waited for Hou Fu was also unusual. It is reasonable for the King of Liang to pay a New Year call at the beginning of the New Year. The more Zhao Shiming thought about it, the more he felt that his guess was right, and he felt a little sorry that he had come at a bad time. But thinking of Wu Mingyuan's willingness to come out and see him, I was moved again. Brother yuan, please don't take it to heart about the hunting in Chuang Tzu last time, okay? That day, I was in a bad mood and said something I shouldn't have said. I'm really sorry. I'm here to apologize to you, to apologize to the sixth sister, and I hope you can forgive me a lot for the sake of growing up together. Wu Mingyuan did not expect Zhao Shiming to take the initiative to bring up the past, he thought that even if others mentioned, Zhao Shiming would find reasons to excuse himself. Wu Mingyuan did not expect him to apologize directly, but also asked him to forgive. We have been together for many years, and Wu Mingyuan knows that Zhao Shiming is also an arrogant person. Wu Mingyuan looked up at Zhao Shiming who bowed and stood up,whirlpool hot tub spa, and his heart was so tight that this fellow lowered his posture, what on earth was he going to do? With a smile on his face, Wu Mingyuan, as always, said cheerfully, "What do you forgive or not?"? We have been friends for so many years. What kind of temperament do you have? How can I not know? At that time, it was just a rush of words. You had something wrong, and I was impulsive. I said something too much. Don't worry about it. When Zhao Shiming saw that Wu Mingyuan did not care about what had happened that day,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, he felt relieved. He stood up and bowed deeply to Wu Mingyuan. "Thank you, brother yuan. Forgive me for my unintentional words that day." Wu Mingyuan then bowed back, "look at you.". Why are you saluting again? Are you finished? It's said that the past has been turned over, and there's something wrong with you and me. Zhao Shiming straightened up and said apologetically, "Brother yuan, just let me make amends.". Otherwise, thinking about the stupid things I said that day, I want to slap my mouth. Brother yuan, you don't know that I didn't sleep well for a few nights because of this. I really regret it. Zhao Shiming spoke sincerely and frankly. Wu Mingyuan looked at Zhao Shiming, and he could feel his sincerity from his words. But he didn't understand why he did it? Really for years of friendship? Wu Mingyuan had a lot of questions in his mind. He said modestly on his face, "Your heart is too heavy and you think too much.". It's just a moment of anger, and you should learn to put it down. I really didn't take that day to heart. Wu Mingyuan has always been open-minded, and Zhao Shiming is convinced of his words. Zhao Shiming thought that today was not the right time, so he could only look for an opportunity to come back another day, so he got up to say goodbye. Wu Mingyuan did not make much detainment, 4 person jacuzzi ,hot tub manufacturers, stood up to politely thank him, politely welcome him to play next time, and then politely sent Zhao Shiming to the gate of Hou Fu. Wu Qing followed Wu Mingyuan and watched Zhao Shiming ride away, looking at the horses and chariots walking farther and farther, "Sir, you are too polite!" Wu Mingyuan withdrew his eyes, took a look at Wu Qing, turned around and walked back, thinking to himself that the master would rather offend a gentleman than a villain. It was only after he had traveled with his master that he understood these principles. After the Qinyuan family had lunch, Mrs. Zhang took her family to leave. Mrs. He felt that as soon as she was interested in chatting, Mrs. Zhang was about to return, and she was reluctant to let Mrs. Zhang return. "Miss," said Mrs. Chang, "Xiao Fang said that if we are old, we should pay special attention to taking a nap at noon. If the maidservant stays here, the young lady will have a bad rest. Today, the maidservant goes back first, another day, the maidservant comes to see the young lady again. Mrs. Ho was somewhat discontented and said, "To put it nicely, how many times have you come here in the past few years?"? Is this the second time? Bai Ruyue stood beside Mrs. He and almost laughed out loud when she heard Mrs. He acting like a child. Mrs. Zhang gave Bai Ruyue a look in time, and Bai Ruyue quickly stopped her expression and straightened up. Old Mrs. Zhang apologized again and again: "I'm sorry, Miss. In the past, the maidservant thought too much.". After falling ill this time, the maidservant wants to understand, live one day, we cherish one day! "The young lady can rest assured that the maidservant will often come to talk with the young lady in the future to relieve her boredom." Mrs. Ho was assured by Mrs. Zhang that she would let Mrs. Zhang's family leave. On the way back, Bai Ruyue took a car with Bai Qili. After Bai Ruyue got on the bus, Bai Qili took out two books from his sleeve pocket and handed them to Bai Ruyue. "Brother Bo said, it's for you.". Moon, when did you fall in love with the book? Bai Ruyue laughed and said, "Fourth Brother, don't you know?"? The moon has always liked to read the book! Bai Qili shook his head in disbelief: "Do you read the book?"? You can't read your account book. Do you still have time to read it? Who are you kidding? Bai Ruyue collected the book of good words and said with a straight face, "Well, yes, the fourth elder brother knows the moon quite well." Bai Qili squinted at Bai Ruyue and flipped through the notebook. "Is Yueer going to open a bookstore?" He asked. Bai Ruyue turned over the book, and the country replied, "I won't open a bookstore for the time being. I'll open a teahouse first and find some good books for Mr. Storyteller." When Bai Qili heard about opening a teahouse, he immediately became interested and discussed the matter of the teahouse with Bai Ruyue. Approaching Qinyuan, Bai Ruyue asked tentatively, "Fourth Brother, I heard that when you were paying New Year's greetings to your wife, Zhao Shiming from the Wei yuan Bo Mansion went to the Hou Mansion to pay New Year's greetings." Bai Qili nodded his head. "Well, Mrs. Tai was very unhappy after hearing the report from the servant. She asked Brother yuan to receive her." Bai Qili turned to look at Bai Ruyue and asked curiously, "Wei yuan Bo Fu has always been close to Hou Fu. Why doesn't Mrs. Tai like Zhao Shiming today?"? Moon, did something happen when I was recovering in the house? Bai Ruyue thought about it and told the fourth brother what had happened recently. After hearing this, Bai Qili complained,endless pool factory, "Moon, you are too mean. So many things have happened, but you didn't tell me!" 。