My Royal Guards.

  • Although Lord Shen revealed in his words last night that he is now suspended, there is a deliberate reason for him. But Liu Ling always felt that the difference between the Lu family and Shen Yan was caused by himself. Since he liked Shen Yan, Liu Ling felt that he had done nothing for Shen Yan. This time, she thought she should do something. Thinking for a long time, Liu Ling decided to enter the palace. She wanted to meet your majesty, wanted to explain to your majesty the whole story of her marriage with Lu Mingshan, and wanted to explain all the reasons for Shen Yan. The most important thing is that she is the princess of Changle, as your majesty has been very favorite princess, her marriage, even if your majesty does not assign at will, she also needs to report to your majesty. The class she represents, the class Shen Yan represents. The possibility that your majesty does not like this marriage is very big, even so, Liu Ling always wants to say. Not only to say, Liu Ling also want to work hard, let your majesty bless her and Shen Yan's marriage. There was no queen in the palace. After Liu Ling entered the palace, he was taken to the harem to gossip with the imperial concubine, waiting for Your Majesty to have time to see her. All the way to the palace of the imperial concubine, the big palace maid was in front to guide the princess of Changle. Turning the corner of the palace, on the water pavilion, there was a pair of mighty troops coming from the opposite side. The guard of honor was so great that it was more proud than the imperial concubine. Often growing up in the palace, Liu Ling recognized the specifications of the guard of honor at the first time. Then she saw the beautiful woman surrounded by the crowd. The color is a little pale,jacuzzi bath spa, but the appearance is as delicate and beautiful as rose dew. There is an air of arrogance and nobility between the eyebrows and the eyes. The corners of her eyes are covered with gold and silver plum blossom foils. She has beautiful sideburns and ice and snow muscles. Along the way, her beautiful clothes are as beautiful as clouds. Her eyes are habitually raised, and nothing is cast in her eyes. A step back behind her, followed by a handsome tall and straight man, bowed his head and spoke to the beauty in front of him, in a slight voice, like coaxing and spoiling, but only in exchange for the proud cold hum of the beauty. Liu Ling bowed far away to pay his respects. "Aunt." Although not common,hot tub spa manufacturers, Liu Ling is recognized, in the palace free access to this beauty, is your majesty's favorite sister, Princess Yian long. Shen Yan Shen Meiren's former fiancee Qin Ning is the only daughter of the eldest princess. The man who followed the long princess was naturally her son-in-law. However, under the strong aura of the long princess, the breath of that one was too weak, Liu Ling only glanced at it at random, and if he didn't look carefully, he couldn't find the existence of that one at all. After inviting Ann, Liu Ling waited for Princess Yian to pass by. After all, the long princess's arrogance, so that she did not put them in the eyes of these royal relatives. When Liu Ling paid his respects to her before, the long princess ignored her. Only when her son-in-law coughed would she answer with a reluctant "um". But this time, Princess Yi'an did not leave as Liu Ling had expected. She stopped, slanted her head seriously, hot tub wholesale ,massage bathtub manufacturers, and looked Liu Ling up and down countless times. First praise, "are you Liu Ling?"? It is said that you are very beautiful, and you are the best child in this generation. As soon as I saw it today, it was true. “……” But in fact, before, Liu Ling has met with the long princess many times. Did the long princess never know what she looked like before? Liu Ling thought: Lord Shen always said she was arrogant. I really should let Lord Shen come to see Princess Yi'an. This is the one who is really arrogant. The second sentence of Princess Yi'an is, "I heard you are sick?"? A scary disease? It hasn't been cured? Liu Ling's face, which was not warm, became even colder. The son-in-law behind the long princess coughed, reminding her to pay attention to the style of speaking, but in exchange for the long princess's eyes, "What are you coughing for?"? If your throat is uncomfortable, go to cure it! Don't be pathetic in front of me. When she looked at Liu Ling again, she blinked at Liu Ling and smiled mischievously and playfully. "It's a disease that people are overwhelmed and dare not offend, right?"? What a coincidence! So do I. Liu Ling said lightly, "well, I can see that." The long princess is sick at first sight. The long princess stared at her in surprise and smiled, "You are very interesting." She was more interested in chatting with Liu Ling and explained the preconditions. "Mrs. Shen came to my house a few days ago and told me about you and Banquet. She said she had a headache, ha ha.". In fact, I just thought it was interesting. Since Ning left, I didn't hear that Yan was close to any child, and I didn't think it was our child. After all, the Shen family is so strict with their children. I went to check on you, and then I knew about your illness. Liu Ling listened with an expressionless face. The long princess of Yi'an has a sweet voice, and when she speaks, she looks like a young girl. She is very well protected. But this has nothing to do with Liu Ling. She did not like her mental illness to be taken out and said that she had worked hard for so long to cure it, and she was almost well. What she wanted to be was a normal person, not a madman. But the long princess is obviously more interested in her route to becoming a madman. To tell you the truth, your experience.. I think most people really can't stand it. They don't want to live. "After the emperor's son-in-law coughed a few times, the princess had to roll her eyes and end her topic." I want to hear how you became like this and still want to marry? " Liu Ling glanced at her, "Nothing, read more, get angry less, pay attention to diet, pay attention to healthy living conditions.". Don't hate others, don't think everything is the fault of others, reflect on yourself more, and keep yourself in a good state every day. Dress yourself up beautifully and cleanly, with a pious and enthusiastic heart, you will surely meet the person who loves you and get the happiness you want. The long princess of Yi'an laughed. She looked at Liu Ling in disgust and repeated word by word, "Read more, get angry less, pay attention to diet, and pay attention to healthy living conditions.". Don't hate others, don't think everything is the fault of others, reflect on yourself more, and keep yourself in a good state every day. Dress yourself up beautifully and cleanly, with a pious and enthusiastic heart, and you will surely become a monk and get the peace you want. Liu Ling was stunned. The last words the princess threw to her were,outdoor whirlpool tub, "Why, did I say something wrong?"? Is this the attitude of being a nun or the attitude of looking for a lover? "If Yaner finds a nun to be his wife, I will feel guilty for Ning." Liu Ling felt that she was not congenial to Princess Yi'an at all.