Wulin Scholar

  • It turned out that when they entered the Chamber of Secrets, Xiong Donghai, for the sake of Xiong Nianqing's safety, told "Miaoshan Double Corpses" to protect him to go first, while he and the evil monk Wuyuan entered the Chamber of Secrets to get the book of alliance. However, the evil monk Wuyuan was so ambitious that when Xiong Donghai was not paying attention, he hit him with two pestles and seriously injured him to the ground. Wuyuan thought Xiong Donghai would not survive, so he blamed Xue Qiu. When the evil monk Wuyuan escaped from the Palace of Beauty, it happened that Xiong Nianqing and others were waiting for the "kamikaze sword shadow" Xiong Donghai to escape and sail on the sea together. As soon as the evil monk Wu yuan saw it, he took the opportunity to deceive Xiong Nianqing, and his father was killed. Xiong Nianqing immediately returned to the Palace of Beauty, while the evil monk Wuyuan left in the boat! When Xue Qiu heard what the evil monk Wuyuan said, he knew that Xiong Donghai, the "shadow of the kamikaze sword", Xiong Nianqing and the "double corpses of Miaoshan" would never believe it, and he was eager to catch up with the evil monk Wuyuan, so he had no choice but to show the golden lotus flower. Under the golden light, he wanted to force Xiong Nianqing and the "double corpses of Miaoshan" back. Who knows, Xiong Nianqing listened to the words of the evil monk Wuyuan, and how could he not avenge his father's death. Unexpectedly, he did not dodge or dodge, and took all the dangerous moves, a desperate move. Xiong Nianqing's desperate fighting style, together with the "Miaoshan Double Corpse" attack, forced Xue Qiu to retreat again and again for a time! Xue Qiu did not want to kill more before he got the "book of alliance" of the underworld, especially for the ignorant and dumb pair of "Miaoshan Double Corpses",jacuzzi swim spa, he did not want to hurt them. Therefore, in a twinkling of an eye, Xue Qiu was forced into the hall! One side of Liu Hongbo, see him four people into the hall, she is not worried about Xue Qiu any danger, so she did not help! Then she jumped onto the boat and knocked the boat-rocking man into the water, shaking the boat more than ten feet away from the water. She immediately shouted, "Brother Qiu, come quickly." In the hall,whirlpool hot tub, Xue Qiu was besieged by Xiong Nianqing and other three people, forcing them to retreat, but it was not easy to hurt him? As soon as Liu Hongbo captured the boat, he was overjoyed. The golden lotus "swept away thousands of troops". With only one move, Xiong Nianqing's long sword flew away and the "Miaoshan Double Corpse" was forced back! He jumped over Xiong Nianqing's head and landed outside the door. When he was in the next vertical, he landed on a small boat in the sea, more than ten feet away. The flying skill is incomparable, and the posture is so wonderful that Xiong Nianqing and "Miaoshan Double Corpses" were shocked to stay in the Palace. Xue Qiu turned around and said, "Don't believe me. You'll know when you get into the Chamber of Secrets. I'll say goodbye for a while and get the Book of Life and Death. I may have to go to the Palace of Beauty twice. Then you'll be as relaxed as you are today, but it won't be easy!" When they were young, the boat reached the shore, and when they arrived at the island, it was already dusk! The halo of the setting sun reflects the blood-red surface of the sea! On the sea, there is no other ship except the ship of Ge Yisou with the word "bear" hanging high. At this time. Ge Yisou and Guifu were standing on the bow of the boat and looking out. As soon as they saw the two of them coming, they hurried up to meet them and shouted, "Have you ever met the Lord of Shaodao?" As soon as Xue Qiu heard this, he knew that Ge Yisou and Guifu had also been cheated by the evil monk Wuyuan. He quickly explained the plot and then asked Ge Yisou and Guifu to send them ashore. Ge Yisou Guifu was not as confused as Xiong Nianqing, and he believed it as soon as he heard it. Invite two people on board, jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers ,american hot tub, sail out to sea, and ordered people to set up wine to entertain. In the middle of the night. In the dim light, Xue Qiu suddenly felt that the hull was quiet and there was no sense of shaking. As if he had stopped, he quickly climbed up and left the cabin! A head just poked out of the cabin door, and two silver rainbows burst out, pressing down on the top! Xue Qiu didn't expect a sudden change. He was in danger of advancing and retreating in a hurry, so he had to rush to the ground with the falling of the silver rainbow. As soon as he reached the ground, two silver rainbows fell, just behind his feet. Xue Qiu was almost injured! Xue Qiu leaped up, his body was not stable, and the sound of the crossbow arrow breaking through the wind came from three aspects like a locust. Xue Qiu was both surprised and angry. He suddenly grew up and jumped up several feet. The angry arrows that could be avoided were shot into the air again. However, at this time of rest, Xue Qiu had already shaken out the golden lotus, and under the flash of golden light, he shot all the angry arrows into the sea. When he dropped the bow, the crossbow had stopped. But he heard the voice of Ge Yisou and Guifu saying, "Xue of Tongbao, you killed the owner of our island.". If you want to take his ship back to China, you are dreaming of the Spring and Autumn Period. So naive. The young island owner has always sent a message, probably also hurt in your hands, although Ge Yisou fight you, but also for my island owner a little blind loyalty, I want to perish with you! As soon as Xue Qiu heard this, he was greatly frightened. He looked around. The sea stretched to the sky, and the sky stretched to the sea as far as the eye could see. Looking back, he saw Ge Yisou standing on the top of the tent. By-row full of archers! He thought to himself, "At this moment, even if the tongue is rotten, it is hard to make the other side believe it. We can only try to subdue the other side with martial arts and wait for the dispatch obediently." Before he knew it, he heard Ge Yisou Guifu say, "Do you want to subdue us with martial arts? Ha ha ha.." Ge Yisou and Guifu seemed to have seen through Xue Qiu's worries. After a long laugh, they pointed to him and said, "The bottom of the boat is loaded with a catty of dynamite. The dynamite has twelve fuses.". Divided around the ship, as long as a fuse is lit, no one on board can be left dead! Gui Mou and a boat of brothers all faced death unflinchingly. Willing to be blindly loyal to the island owner, now waiting for you-a word. Xue Qiu Wen, can not help but turn pale with fright, this boundless sea, as long as he identified a direction, but also may not be able to do anything, but, Bo Mei? What should I do? Two people are dangerous, he does not have this confidence, will be able to take Bo Mei to swim back to the mainland. Finally, Xue Qiu had to swallow his pride and said, "What are you talking about?" "" Do you want to die or live? "Asked Geyisou Jiafu. Xue Qiu was furious. "What is death?" He asked? How can I live? Ge Yisou and Guifu laughed and said, "Die. As long as I give the order, we will die together. Live!"! Obediently obey the command, we return to the'sea Shanghai ', as long as we see the young island owner, confirmed by him, is true or false, when we know, if there is a mistake, the old man kneels down to be punished. It's not too late to send you back to the mainland! Xue Qiuhu roared, "We're going to catch up with the evil monk Wuyuan. How can we run back and forth like this and miss the time?" "" It's none of our business,outdoor endless pool, "said Geyisou Guifu coldly. Suddenly, the cabin door opened with a bang. Liu Hongbo flew out of the cabin and shouted, "Brother Xue!"! I saw a boat in the left front of the cabin. I'm afraid it belongs to the thief monk! 。 monalisa.com