Repay the Emperor's Grace: I Was Immortal (End)

  • Looking at each other for a long time, Zhu Youyu said slowly, "Yao, do you remember this cave?" How can you not remember? In the late spring of that year, when I was twelve years old and ignorant, I played with Zhu Youyu in this cave. Finally, both of us were tired and fell asleep. When we woke up, we were spanked several times by the fox, saying that I was cheating and playing with Zhu Youyu. I said I would never dare to do it again, and then he got angry and stopped being jealous. At that time, I didn't understand that the fox always called me wife. But now.. Memories are all branded in my mind, and I really understand. Zhu Youyu paused and said, "Yao, my father didn't ascend to heaven.". He's still alive, but the doctor said, I'm afraid it won't last long. You should help him and let him rest in peace, okay? How can such a thing be done?! You, I have no love for you! You are the little boy in those days, and I am older than you. I suddenly asked him, "Zhu Youyu, if I were not your plum blossom fairy, would you still marry me?" Yuyao Remembers Past Lives (4) He was stunned and his eyes were in a trance. I ignored him and got up and walked out. The sky outside is early in the day. In the gloomy sky, a few birds flew down obliquely, cutting through the grey brocade of the sky. Just a few steps forward,cattle weight tape, a hand suddenly pulled me back from behind, his tone was heavy, "I do, as long as you are you, I want to marry you.". Throw away the plum blossom fairy, throw away all that, and I will marry you. I broke his fingers one by one and walked forward as if I hadn't heard it. He suddenly shouted, "Yuyao, how can you see that I don't like you?" This shout drew the eyes of countless people,Walking measuring wheel, and I walked more quickly at my feet. He roared, "I have grown up, Yuyao, look at me, I have grown up enough to protect you." Under my heart Zhang Huang, from walking to running. Behind the people, but still chased over. He clenched my arm and said firmly, "Yuyao, I will prove to you that I am a man worthy of your trust for life." Without waiting for an answer, he let go of my hand and stepped heavily from my side. I looked at his back, sad in vain. The upturned eaves supported by the red lacquer pillars and the vast blue sky held up by the grey and cold world. But you, your shoulders, can not hold up my piece of heaven and earth. In this vast world, many people may want to marry you, but what Yuyao is thinking about is the handsome man who broke into the bud and molested me. I turned away from him. Through the cloister, through the crowd, horse weight tape ,tape measure clip, and finally back to the room. I looked at the beam with my eyes. With a calm face, the fox said, "I heard it just now, and I don't think I can hear it either.". Deafness is a kind of happiness. I chuckled and cried, "Deaf, how can you hear my voice?" He jumped down sullenly and lowered his face. "Then I can be deaf one moment and hear the next." He said, "Yuyao, I can't get involved in your life, but." He suddenly smiled very secretly and whispered in my ear, "I can sneak in." This is my fox, the man who can make me crazy without knowing why. His gentle lips were imprinted on my forehead. "Only I can hold you for life.". You and that mortal, it is an evil fate after all. I know this is evil fate, but fox, how can we break this evil fate? Is it possible for him to forget me if he drinks Meng Po Tang? My eyes lit up and I suddenly said to the fox, "Is there really Meng Po Tang in the world?"? Do you think Zhu Youyu will forget me after drinking Meng Po Tang? His eyes are also a bright, smiling eyes, touched my head, "my Yao son, you are really smart." He turned and disappeared. I smiled and wept. Fox, as soon as this mortal world is over, I will be able to fly with you. Yu and Yao were buried together There was light yellow soup on a round hexagonal table made of fine rosewood, with a few tender green leaves floating on it. My heart was calm. The fox said, "Yao, I fell out with the King of Hell for this bowl of soup. That boy of the King of Hell is really twisted. Anyway, I am also the Emperor of Heaven. He doesn't give me any face." "So this soup," I asked lightly. He suddenly smiled, "The King of Hell refused to give it, so I made trouble for him. In the end, he really couldn't, so he had to give me the soup.". He said, one step back, this soup, can only let Zhu Youyu forget you, other things, can not forget. I nodded. "That's good enough." There was a sound outside the door, and the fox flew to the yellow beam again. Zhu Youyu pushed the door and entered. He sat down at the table and looked at the soup bowl. "Is this for me, Yao?" He said with a smile. I glanced at him with an even flatter expression. "I made it myself." He tasted it. "It's a strange taste." I finally smiled and stared at his bright eyes. "Then you finish it." The rosewood was shining like gold foil, and the rippling water was swaying on the table. His eyes are also spreading water. "Well, I'll drink it up." He drank it without hesitation and smiled at me, "Yao, it tastes great." Meng Po Soup has mixed tastes. How can it taste good?! He fixed his eyes on me and said, "My father has never been in good health. The last time the Imperial Physician almost said he would die, but.." Although he survived, he was always in poor health. He asked nervously, "Yao, have you thought about what the father said?"? When I ascend the throne, we will be married. I smiled softly, still calm. "We'll talk about it later." His voice trailed off. "Actually." Actually He was slurring his words. "I think.." Lying slowly on the table, my fingertips touched his fingertips gently, and my fingers were cold. I called out, "You." He opened his eyes in a daze and glanced up at me. "Who are you?" He asked. I smile. He got up and stumbled to the door. When he got to the door, he turned around and asked, "Why am I here?"? Who the hell are you? I am still smiling,Pi tape measure, but I feel a little lost in my heart. Together with that period of time like relatives, all forgotten? The next day, news came from the palace that the emperor was dying. Yu and Yao were buried together (2).