Long live the call

  • Yueyang heart secretly called bad, this royal elder sister misunderstood, quickly explained: "In fact, this is a misunderstanding, this sentence is a very obscene racial language, meaning that I defeated you!" Drunken cat royal elder sister is mad, great anger: "I let you defeat, will take off my clothes?"? The enemy is ashamed. Who is ashamed? Didn't I just gamble and admit defeat? Don't push your luck. "What a misunderstanding!" Yueyang students tried their best to hold back their laughter, and it was so hard to hold back. Then I'll beat you and take off your clothes! Drunken Cat Royal Sister just can't stand the boy's pride. If you defeat me, you can say, 'The enemy is ashamed, I take off my clothes to wipe him'. Yueyang said this let drunk cat royal elder sister dumbfounded, beat him to take off his clothes to wipe him? This is so unfair! "Is there nothing else?" Drunken Cat Royal Sister felt that these two sentences were inappropriate and that she suffered losses. Also, if you defeat me, you can say, 'The enemy is ashamed, I take off my clothes to press him.' Yueyang students answered with a straight face. ……” Drunken cat royal elder sister dizzy to death, the last sentence is not as good as the first two sentences! Then he simply took off his clothes and pressed him. It was better to lose than to win. He simply sent the lamb into the mouth of the big bad wolf. Drunken Cat Royal Sister felt that the blood of her whole body was burning like a flame. She pulled Yueyang up and roared: "I won't take off my clothes. If I want to take off my clothes, I will take off your clothes. Go to hell, you lady-killer!"! I'm not finished with you. Do you want to take off my clothes? I'll bite you to death! Boom, boom! A new round of fighting began. Chapter 499: [It's good to have a brother!] Full text update, TXT download, all in the novel Knight http://www.xs74.com/. But when she was eating during the dinner, she kept staring at Yueyang with more hatred than the enemy who killed her father. The Lord of Fallen Flowers felt that she would get angry at any time, and hurriedly sat beside her with Yue Yu, one left and one right, so as not to give Drunken Cat the chance to turn over the table. Everyone talked about the country in an interesting way and never mentioned her and Yueyang's practice, so as to prevent her from getting angry and standing on the table. Qi An does not say,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, everybody also knows this drunk cat royal elder sister suffered a loss. Yueyang's strength is super strong, not to mention, and after repeated repair, congenital level 1 can be compared to congenital level 6, even if the same strength of the quasi-congenital realm, even without the fire of nirvana and the wheel of extinction of those big killers, drunk cat royal elder sister also has no chance. Even if she is drunk and breaks out to the second level of congenital, she is still far from it. In a word, if she wants to defeat Yueyang in the quasi-congenital realm, she must be promoted to the fourth or even the fifth level. For this, Yueyang has to use skills instead of war beasts. I'm full Drunken Cat Royal Sister picked up a small bowl angrily and stared at it before leaving the table. A glance at Yueyang. She was already very angry. The reason why I was able to eat at the same table with Yueyang was to give Siniang face. Forced to drink, she went back to the martial arts hall and continued to practice. Qi to Qi, she is not stubborn, for Yueyang during the day to deal with their own ingenuity, calcium nitrate sol ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, as well as all kinds of moves, all rehearsed again and again, Yueyang's skills into their own use. As she continued to practice wielding the golden dragon gun, she gradually gained more insight in her heart. If she did not try to practice, she would never know the hidden mystery of Yueyang's combat skills, nor the gap between herself and him, nor even that the pike could be used in this way, but also to crack the enemy's attack. The more she practiced, the more frightened she became. Although she also knew that she had a huge gap with Yueyang, she did not expect that he could surpass herself so much in combat skills. What I'm best at is guns. And what he's best at is a knife, or a sword. He doesn't need the Ashes Blade and the first quarter moon to beat himself up, and if he really uses it, isn't he. As soon as Drunken Cat Royal Sister thought of this, she calmed down, thought carefully, tried to simulate Yueyang's moves, and realized his artistic conception at that time. Since he is better than himself, it is appropriate to steal lessons from him. You'd better surpass him in the fighting skills you have learned in the future, and in turn beat him to a dusty face and make him angry to death. Yueyang began to make her own fighting dolls while the Drunken Cat Royal Sister was concentrating on stealing the teacher's practice. The materials were almost ready before, and now there are Dream Emerald, Titan Heart and God Blood. The sick beauty almost worked out the three rune arrays of the golden coffin, and it was estimated that they would be completed in the near future, while Yue Yu sorted out the drawings of the war puppet weapons and the necessities for manufacturing, and waited for Yueyang to start manufacturing them. The Angel Blade of the Battle Doll, let's make it later! Your angel blade. Really don't wait for it to upgrade? Yueyang felt that Yue Yu's best silver angel blade was a little weaker. Anyway, he didn't know when the battle doll would be finished. He wanted to use the best material to upgrade Yue Yu's angel blade. No, this is the best for me. Yue Yu quickly waved her hand and said that when she talked about the angel blade made by Yueyang, her heart was a little warm. In fact, the material is enough, more than enough. Yueyang also tried to persuade her. That's just the best estimate. I'm not a warmonger. I'll heal you in the back. It's enough to have the best silver angel blade. Besides, it's better than many gold treasures. Yue Yu did not want Yueyang to waste too much material on himself, and even this silver-level angel blade was praised and envied by everyone. All right! Yueyang gave up persuasion and changed the mysterious crystal pillar of Engineer Yue's second relic Come out. This crystal pillar is ten meters high, two meters wide and one meter thick. The base is slightly larger, straight in the middle, and the top is slightly pointed, full of energy. Countless celestial lines are printed on both sides of the crystal pillar. The whole body, emitting a faint white brilliance, faint, there is a kind of rainbow-like brilliant. At its base, there was a gap, as if a sharp treasure had been dug away. This is the strangest place in Yueyang. Yue Gong's force value is not high, the strength is not strong, and there is no magic weapon, in the end is how to dig out this gap of the crystal to do the core of the war beast? Yueyang tried to cut it with a platinum-level ash magic blade, but it couldn't do anything about this mysterious crystal pillar. For other metals, the Ashes Magic Blade has always cut iron like mud,Magnesium Sulphate producer, sharp as a horse, it can not cut the crystal pillar, hard to know. stargrace-magnesite.com