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  • Wei Rin's cousin said, "This is Ruoxing. She is really beautiful." Wei Lin's aunt also said, "As soon as they came in, I thought it was Wei Lin who came in with his girlfriend." Wei Rin's face turned black. Tang Yun smiled, "If only that were the case.". Ruoxing, sit beside me. Chen Ruoxing walked over, "Auntie, happy birthday.". I didn't know it was your birthday. I'll make up the gift next time. Tang Yun held her hand and patted her twice. "Silly child, I'm very happy that you can come. This is the best gift I've received this year." "Well, Mrs. Wei," said Wei's father, "shall we begin?" Tang Yun glanced at him, she picked up the cup, "another year, thank you for your company, everyone is free." There is nothing special about the birthday party of the elders. We eat together and chat about our daily life. There are two children on the table, is Wei Rin's cousin, seven or eight years old, eat enough to go to the table to play mobile phone. Perhaps happy, unconsciously,dap diammonium phosphate, the two bottles of red wine on the table were drunk up. Tang Yun's capacity for liquor is average, and he also drank two large cups. By the end of the meal, she was also a little drunk. Wei Fu and Wei Rin bid farewell to their relatives at the door. Chen Ruoxing accompanied Tang Yun to rest. Ruoxing, I'm fine. I'm not drunk. I'm just a little dizzy. Chen Ruoxing did not know that the staying power of red wine was so great that now most of Wei's mother's strength was on her. She helped her walk to the side of the rest area. Halfway, suddenly a man stopped, "Tang Yun-" the man came towards them. Chen Ruoxing can not help but look at the man, the man dressed delicately,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, a look is a successful elite. Tang Yun squinted and did not react for a moment. The man stood in front of them, "I didn't think it was you!"! It's been a long time. They haven't seen each other for 18 years, to be exact. Han- " Han Ming looked at Chen Ruoxing, "you are Tang Yun's daughter.". I'm a friend of your mother's. Your mother hasn't changed at all. She hasn't changed her drinking capacity for so many years. Chen Ruoxing moved the corners of his mouth to explain, but was pulled by Tang Yun, "Star, I have a headache, accompany me to the bathroom." "Go," said Han Ming. I'll contact your mother in a few days. With that, he took out a business card. When your mother sobers up, help me give it to your mother. Chen Ruoxing took over, did not look carefully, hurriedly helped Tang Yun to go to the bathroom. Han Ming looked at Chen Ruoxing, "you-" Tang Yun twisted her eyebrows, Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP ,Magnesium Oxide price, very uncomfortable, and hurried to the bathroom. "I'm sorry, uncle," Chen Ruoxing said apologetically. She hurried to chase Wei Mu. Tang Yun washed her face, her delicate makeup was gone, and she seemed to be a few years older. Aunt Tang- "Chen Ruoxing wiped the drops of water on her face with a tissue.". Tang Yun hooked his mouth, "good boy, I'm all right." Chen Ruoxing stayed with her for a while until her cell phone rang. As soon as she saw that it was Wei Rin, she quickly got through. Where have you been? "My aunt and I are in the bathroom." Wei Rin talked to her as he walked. "How is my mother?" "It's okay." Wei Rin snorted, "I'm coming." Chen Ruoxing hung up the phone. "Is it Wei Rin?" Asked Tang Yun. Chen Ruoxing nodded. Tang Yun smiled. Ruoxing, what do you think of Wei Rin? Chen Ruoxing thought about it, "he is very nice." "He has a bad temper and is very proud, but his heart is not bad.". You will know if you get along for a long time. Okay, let's get out of here. Not a minute later, Wei Rin came. "Mom, what's wrong?" "It's all right, but I'm a little dizzy." "Don't drink next time with your capacity for liquor." He took her arm and raised his hand to smooth the broken hair on his mother's forehead. Because I'm happy. Tang Yun's eyes are moist, "Wei Rin-" "What is it?" Wei Rin looked at her mother. Mother Wei's face was solemn, and she looked at Chen Ruoxing again. Chen Ruoxing's heart trembled. Wei's mother spoke slowly but with a firmness that could not be refused. "I have always regarded Ruoxing's mother as my little sister.". We said that if she gave birth to a girl, she would be your daughter-in-law. "Auntie-" Ruoxing, don't worry, hear me out. I always hope you can be our daughter-in-law. I haven't forgotten the agreement with your mother. Wei mother a word, "Wei Rin, you have to take good care of Ruoxing ah.". ” Wei Rin is there now, looking at Chen Ruoxing. Chen Ruoxing did not open his eyes and did not look at him. Wei Rin- "Wei Mu called him again." I see His tone was relaxed. "I'll take care of her." Chen Ruoxing's eyes are confused, "Auntie, I-" she doesn't need a fiance. The author has something to say: Second watch! I'm tired! Do you all know who that man is? Please leave a lot of messages today to take care of this double more baby! Chapter 19 Behind the words, Chen Ruoxing did not say, she is an obedient child, especially to her good elders, she naturally will not refuse on the spot. On the one hand, because of her personality, on the other hand, she did not know how to open her mouth. However, after Wei Mu said this, she could no longer get along with Wei Rin as before. It's different. That evening, back to Wei's house, everyone had a rest. Chen Ruoxing stayed in her room and had no intention of doing anything. After a while, she got up to take a shower. When she changed her clothes, she found the business card in her pocket. She looked carefully at the contents of the business card, and the uncle was really the chairman of the company. She put her business card away and thought about giving it to Wei Mu tomorrow morning. When she came out of the shower and wiped her hair, her cell phone rang. Chen Ruoxing's face brightened, "Grandma-" "Not sleeping yet?" "Uh-huh.". Grandma, why are you calling me at this time? Chen Ruoxing was suddenly in a good mood and his voice was a little cheerful. Today is Tang Yun's birthday. The old lady has a good memory. I forgot to tell you to remember to buy her a gift. I know. I had dinner with their family in the evening. The old lady answered, "Ruoxing,Magnesium Sulphate price, a few days ago, I talked to Tang Yun on the phone, when your mother and she agreed on your marriage with Wei Rin." 。 stargrace-magnesite.com