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  • So much money, she naturally won't use it all. The money she earned from the waterwheel before has already paid off the family's debts. Su plans to take out thirty taels to rebuild the house, buy some furniture and so on. She plans to take out twenty taels to buy some ink, paper and inkstone for Su Xia and see her husband's bundle, and then take out a few taels for the whole family to buy some clothes and some delicious food. She said her plan, thought about it again, and took only two hundred taels. "The rest of the silver will be saved for my parents. I'm going to buy a yard in the county town. If Su Xia goes to the county to study in the future, there will be a place to stay." Why do you buy that? Brother Rong and Brother Yu of the village head's family go to the county to study and come back once a month. "I can't stay in the village all my life and go to the county to buy a yard with a shop and do some small business, so Dad doesn't have to do that kind of heavy work like before." Su's father has no culture, and going out to work is just to do some gravity work for people. Since he recovered from his illness last time, he always felt that his strength was not as good as before. Su's mother was always worried. When she heard Su's words, she couldn't help being moved. She immediately answered, "Then you can go and see if there is a good shop. It's good to rent it out if you don't do your own business. It's always worrying to put money at home." There will be a lot of relatives and neighbors to borrow money. "Then I'll take Su Xia to the county to buy something for school and send him to the Master in two days!" Said Sue. Reading is a good thing, before because the family had no money, now Su said to send his son to school,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, they are naturally very happy. Su Xia is a very clever person, see adults have no time, never noisy, but also take the initiative to help do housework, now he is in the yard beside the chicken house seriously feeding chickens. Sucha, come here! Sue went out and called out to him. Sister,Magnesium Sulphate producer, what's the matter? Asked he, sprinting over and throwing up his head. Pack up and my sister will take you to the county town. Said Sue. Really Su Xia's eyes suddenly brightened. He had never been to the county town in his life. He was so excited. Just as he was about to take her clothes, he looked down and saw his dirty hands because he had just fed the chickens. He ran to the water tank and washed them. He ran back quickly and said, "I'm all right, sister, let's go!" Sue saw his expectant little face and pinched it again. "Let's go!" Just as they were about to go shopping in high spirits, the news that Su had won a commendation from the imperial court spread to the county, and it was said that there was an imperial edict! This is the first time that they have received an imperial edict in this county. What a glorious thing it is! Plus the court because of the valley county magistrate to promote the keel waterwheel meritorious service, also specially rewarded him, this makes him very excited, he worked for so many years or the first time to be rewarded above, Magnesium Oxide price ,caustic calcined magnesite, not to mention this is a pleasant surprise, originally he thought it was hopeless, did not expect Miss Su was able to let the emperor specially under the imperial edict! Remembering that the prefect of Qin had rejected his proposal before, the magistrate of Gu County had a feeling of being proud and elated. Although he didn't dare to face the prefect of Qin, it was still possible to quietly publicize that he had been awarded. After thinking about it, he couldn't just publicize himself and take Miss Su with him, otherwise it would be too purposeful. In this way, the matter spread more and more widely, and even the students of the county Academy were discussing it with great interest. "Hey, Zhou Rong, aren't you from Yongan Village?"? Do you know that Sue? Zhou Rong: ".." The author has something to say: Your Majesty: Hey, it's rare that King Qi would give me a memorial to the throne. What? Give a girl a reward. Give it! Sue: You misunderstand. Actually, I still love money. The more, the better. Thank you! Zhou Rong: Do you know why you are so capable and make me embarrassed? Chapter 14 Teaching Aids Zhou Rong didn't expect Su to be able to get the emperor to issue a decree in person. When he heard his classmate's question, his heart was very complicated. It was like you were a top student. Suddenly, he heard that the student next door who was scolded by the teacher every day got the top student in the college entrance examination one day. At that time, he was shocked and asked in disbelief: "Did the emperor really send an emissary to reward her?" "It's all over the county. How can it be false?" Said the classmate. Impossible, what kind of person she is, how can I not know? She has no such ability! Zhou Rong denied it categorically. The imperial edict has already been issued, and this is no joke. The student who spoke looked envious, and could make the emperor issue a special decree for her. This Miss Su must be very powerful. So you know each other? Miss Su is so talented. Why have you never talked about it? Another student asked in surprise. This shows that Miss Su is very low-key, so modest must be a person of noble character. The man next to him sighed. It makes sense. It must be so. Otherwise, it is impossible to do such a thing that benefits the country and the people. Agriculture is the foundation of people's livelihood. We study the books of sages and sages so that we can do something for the people in the future. "Miss Su is righteous!" …… "Brother Chou, since you know each other, you must introduce us to each other if you have a chance!" Several classmates pestered Zhou Rong and said. How is that possible? Listening to the people around Su's flattery, he only felt incredible, Zhou Rong was hit by the news has not yet come to his senses, heard the words of his classmates, can only be embarrassed perfunctory. Miss Luo is here. She must be looking for you! A classmate saw a figure coming not far away and winked at him. Hello, brothers. Luo Shiming came over and greeted the people present with a generous salute and said, "I wonder what the brothers are discussing?" Everyone returned the salute, and then someone said, "We are discussing the girl who has been praised by the emperor in our county. Her name is Su. If you have a chance, Sister Luo can be strong. They are all famous talented women in our county. I think you will have a good chat with each other." This period of time Luo Shiming has been staying in the house did not go out, the family heard rumors and did not dare to tell her, so now she heard that Su was praised by the emperor,Magnesium Oxide powder, did not react to come over, "brothers, who is talking about?" 。