Fairy owl against the world

  • Gongsun Yun stood in place, the whole body Gang Qi suddenly turned into a black dragon, coiled around the body, Kong Zheng body, Gang clothes also appeared, such as blood, such as fog, dense around. "Don't get angry, Princess Yun," said Bai Che to smooth things over. "This time the emperors asked me to accompany them. Don't do anything stupid to make the emperors unhappy and implicate Brother Gongsun." When Gongsun Yun heard this, he snorted coldly, and a dragon shadow flashed by and disappeared in place. Small temple, quiet room, outside the window there is a mountain breeze mat, slightly cool. I haven't seen him for four years. Bai Che had already built a foundation. Now he saw Kong Zheng take out a few jars of good wine and sniffed, "Good wine!" "Whether the wine is good or not, look at the scene with the wine, with the mountain wind with the wine, it can be regarded as the middle scene." Kong Zheng clinked glasses with Bai Che and drank them down. Bai Che didn't expect Kong Zheng to be an elegant man. When he heard this, he became interested. "What about Shangjing?" "That Princess Yun can come to accompany her with a smiling face, that is,rapid sand filters, Shangjing." "Brother Kong is so brave that he dares to make fun of the princess." "I just got her Genhuang grass and a black face like water, and I always felt uncomfortable." Bai Che didn't see Kong Zheng's awkwardness. He knew it was a joke. Hearing this, he said with a smile, "Brother Kong, do you know that Gongsun Yun is gifted? He is the highest monk in the contemporary royal family.". At the age of eight, he practiced Buddhism. At the age of twelve, he opened up the sea of Qi in the Sacred Valley and entered the Dragon Vein. At that time, Gongsun Que was also eight years old,Mechanical fine screen, and he could not even practice Qi. But when he was young, Gongsun Yun befriended his younger brother, so he loved him very much. Unfortunately, Gongsun Que didn't get Qi into his body until he was fourteen years old, and his talent was extremely poor. Four years ago, you lost face at the Sancai Dharma Meeting. Several royal monks who had already provoked the Dragon Vein were dissatisfied and felt that they had fallen into the majesty of the Gongsun family. This time, the only remaining Gen Huangcao was given to you again. Alas, it is estimated that he and Princess Yun hate you to death. The Bai family has been loyal to the Gongsun family for generations, but it does not mean that Bai Che and Gongsun Que have a relationship of superiority and inferiority. This is a vassal of the family nature, and the status of monks is still related to strength. So when it comes to Gongsun Que, Bai Che does not shy away from it. Plus four years ago, because of Kong Zheng's relationship, he got the Dragon Pool, so the bottom of his heart is still full of good feelings for Kong Zheng. Kong Zheng chuckled, "Brother Bai, disc air diffuser ,Rotating sludge scraper, I generally don't care about these things. I'm more concerned about Daxia Lao Zu.". Is he a God? Silence, drink, keep silent. Bai Che narrowed his eyes and smiled bitterly after a while: "I don't know." I do not know What kind of answer is that? Bai Che put down his goblet and filled it again. He smacked his tongue and said, "In a hundred years, Daxia Lao Zu has only appeared three times. The last time was when Gongsun Yun was promoted to Kamiya. This time it's you.". Everyone knows that incense can invite Lao Zu to appear, but Lao Zu does not appear every time. You can let Lao Zu appear this time, and be given Gen Huang Cao, really alarmed a lot of people ah. Bai Che said meaningful, Kong Zheng did not expect, there are these things. Bai Che suddenly looked at Kong Zheng expectantly: "Have you ever seen my ancestor of the Bai family?" Kong Zheng shook his head. Bai Che sighed, but it was also expected: "My ancestor of the Bai family has also appeared, but unfortunately the number of times is much less than Gongsun Thunder.". Only once in three hundred years. Kong Zheng suddenly felt that something was wrong. Bai Chi paused and continued, "My ancestors once asked the ancestor of the Bai family if he was a God, but he didn't say anything.". But our Bai Sutra has recorded that Lao Zu is definitely not a monk! Yeah, that's what's wrong. Kong Zheng had heard that the ancestor of the Bai family, Bai Ban, was a mortal at the time of the Sancai Law Meeting. This is telepathy. Do mortals seem to be able to appear in telepathy? The more he knew, Kong Zheng found that his thoughts were more confused, and many fragmented news groups were not together, which became a question. These questions are the motive force of seeking the Tao, but they are also the distracting thoughts at this stage. Kong Zheng threw away his confused thoughts and returned to his eyes. He did not talk to Bai Che about the gods, said something else, know the current power of the immortal gate in Daxia, but also understand some mountains and rivers, until night, Bai Che opened his mouth to leave, he should go back. Kong Zheng sent Bai Che outside the temple. Before he left, Bai Che suddenly said, "You killed Pang Yuxiao." Kong Zheng did not deny it. Seeing this, Bai Che replied, "The ancestors of the Dragon Vein all know what's going on in Daxia." Kong Zheng nodded, "I also killed six disciples of Black Flag Mountain." "Hei Zhe and my ancestors were once called black and white gods, helping Gongsun Thunder to win the Xiazhou.". Later, his descendants rebelled. Only then did we have the Black Flag Mountain. "You seem to have something to say to me." Hole sign opening. Bai Che smiled and said, "You have been in Xiazhou for four years. You have offended a group of people from the royal family of Daxia. Now you have offended Heiqishan. You are in danger.". Do you want to find a backer? "Baishaling?" Kong Zheng raised his eyebrows. "There aren't many monks in Baishaling," said Bai Che, "but they have some influence." Kong Zheng raised his hand and said, "The monks in this state are too close to the mortals. It won't become a trend in the future.". I appreciate your kindness. Bai Che narrowed his eyes and said, "You come from Yuezhou. Your True Qi is the evil spirit of the Blood Beast Gate. Twelve years ago, there was a war between the two States of Wu and Yue. The Xingchen Sect, the leader of Zhengdao, was destroyed. The Blood Beast Gate was badly weakened. Countless disciples left the sect for some reasons." "You investigated me?" Bai Che went on to say, "Your swordsmanship is very similar to that of Yuezhou Jianxuan Mountain. Twelve years ago, Jianxuan Mountain was destroyed in the Zhengmo War. I heard that the clan resisted the siege of the Demon Way and then disbanded for some reason.". Did you snatch your swordsmanship from the monk of Jianxuanshan? Kong Zheng smiled. "What else did you find out?" Bai Che's eyes lit up and he said in a low voice, "Yuezhou is very barren. Most of the low-ranking monks don't even have Lingshi.". Ten years ago, your cultivation should be very low, but in ten years, you can be promoted to the later stage of Kamiya,fine bubble diffuser, and you are on the verge of building a foundation. Your aptitude should be above average. However, you have been in Yangshan City for another year, and you may have plenty of Lingshi in your hands. Are you a demon family of Blood Beast Gate? "I am not." "Then how did you get your spirit stone?" Kong Zheng did not answer. Bai Che threw out an olive branch: "You should know that your present cultivation is entirely built up by Lingshi.". We can provide you with a lot of Lingshi in Baishaling. "How much?" "Thirty six-orifice spirit stones in a month." 。 khnwatertreatment.com