• Kutaisi is an incredibly colorful ancient city of Georgia, which attracts with its uniqueness, customs, hospitality and, of course, nature. Going to Kutaisi, you have a great opportunity to see extraordinary temples and fortresses, canyons and caves, parks and reserves. Just do not forget to rent a car in order to have time to see at least the main attractions that await you.

    How much does it cost to rent a car in Kutaisi?
    The price for your rental will depend on several factors: what class of car and tariff you choose, the term of your rent, whether there will be additional services, car rental in high or low season.

    If you want to calculate the total cost of car rental, taking into account all your wishes, the time of receipt and return of the car, use the electronic order calculation form on our website. The program will issue a full calculation and show special price offers, if any, on your dates.

    Everything is included in the rental price
    The price already includes:

    All taxes and fees.
    Support 24 hours in Georgia.
    Insurance for the car and the health of the driver and passengers.
    Tires according to the season.
    A replacement vehicle in the event of a breakdown or incident.
    The cost of parking in the city of receiving a car or another city (only one city).
    Unlimited mileage when renting from 5 days.
    Additional services when renting a car
    We can also offer you additional services that will make your stay more comfortable:

    Child seat or booster in the car;
    Wheel chains;
    Ski mounts on the roof;
    Additional insurance, in order not to leave a deposit for the car;
    3G Wi-Fi modems in the car;
    Action cameras for video shooting;
    Driver services;
    Mobile phones with a SIM card – free of charge;
    Cards in the car – free of charge.
    Parking in Kutaisi and other cities of Georgia
    If you rent a car from us, parking in the city of rent (if you rented a car in Kutaisi, then for the city of Kutaisi) will be free for you, we have already paid for it.

    Useful advises for parking your car in Georgia
    рaid parking is available in Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Gori, Zugdidi and others, so pay attention to the signs when you park your car;
    do not neglect the payment of parking, otherwise you may face a fine for non-payment or even evacuation of the car;
    even if you arrived in the country by private car, you still need to pay for parking spaces;
    you can pay for parking at payment terminals or at local bank branches.
    Learn more about parking in Georgia in the article Pay for parking in Georgia.
    Car rental at Kutaisi Airport
    To receive or return a car at Kutaisi Airport, order the service in advance. We do not have a desk at the airport, but we will meet you with a sign in the arrivals hall, and the car will be waiting for you right in the parking lot. For receiving and returning the car at Kutaisi Airport, an additional fee is charged, the current cost should be clarified with the manager, or it will be communicated to you during the preliminary calculation of the order.

    How to get to Kutaisi airport or leave from there, find out in the article Airport in Kutaisi.

    How can I pay for car rental in Georgia
    Payment for car rental is made in Georgian lari. If you need to exchange currency, our manager can tell you where the nearest bank or exchange office with a favorable rate is.

    Advises for tourists about car rental in Georgia
    Rent during working and non-working hours. If you have a choice, then be sure to schedule your rental and return on a business day, as pickup and return of the vehicle outside of business hours will incur additional charges.
    Do not be late when returning the car. You rent a car by the day, so if you are very late when returning the car, you will have to pay for one more day.
    Obey traffic rules. You will have to pay the fines that you collect during the trip, so be careful on the road, do not break the laws.
    At the beginning of the rental, pay attention to the amount of gasoline, you will need to return the same amount of fuel when returning the car.
    If you want more tips on car rental, then read the article Car rental in Georgia – what beginner tourists need to know.
    Best places in Kutaisi
    Bagrat Temple – majestic in size and extraordinarily beautiful temple, built during the reign of Bagrat III, decorated with carvings and mosaics. It can be called a visiting card of Kutaisi.
    The Colchis Fountain, which is located on David Agmashenebeli Square, is very fond of tourists. The fountain is decorated with thirty statues - these are copies of the figures of the Colchis culture of the Bronze Age.
    Botanical Garden. This unusual place will be interesting for both children and adults. By the way, there is an oak-chapel in the garden.
    The nature reserve and caves of Sataplia is a must visit if you come to Kutaisi. The karst cave is extraordinarily beautiful, and in the reserve, you can find real dinosaur footprints.
    The main market of Kutaisi, or as it is also called the Green Bazaar, is a huge food market where you can buy all kinds of goodies and spices, churchkhela. Here you can buy some interesting souvenir for friends.
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