Doll Ownership Questions

  • Aside from asking about doll owning status (yes/no), we asked about how many dolls owners had. We also enquired about the function of participants’ doll ownership by asking participants to rate sexual reasons (e.g., sexual gratification), emotional reasons (e.g., a surrogate relationship or companionship), and other reasons (for which participants were asked to specify their motivations) using a 1–10 scale (high scores indicating greater motivations on each respective index). That is, we were able to explore whether a greater relative emphasis was placed on sexual, emotional, or other motivations for doll ownership using these single-item measures.

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    We also asked participants how many times (on average) they engage in sexual activity with their doll(s). If participants suggested that they did not own a sex doll, we asked about their level of interest in doing so using a binary yes/no forced choice.

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