I'm at ease with it Madden 23 Coins

  • Bobby Wagner: 'I didn't want to go away from Seattle however, I'm at ease with it Madden 23 Coins. After 10 years with the Seahawks, Bobby Wagner (LB) found himself in the market for a free-agent for the only time during his career. And despite his departure the linebacker is deeply involved in Seattle. Seattle community. In a charity event last week, he explained that despite not being thrilled with how the Seahawks dealt with his departure however, he's thrilled to be able to play in south-central South of California as he grew up.

    "Obviously that there's still some feelings [about his release]," Wagner said, via the Seattle Times. "But on the whole, I have an entirely different view. I'm sure my perspective on the matter would have differed if I found myself in a different location. But I am glad I got to go home and play close to my family. I haven't played with my family this close since high school, which was in Colony High in Ontario, California].

    "I wanted to stay in Seattle. But , if I was forced to leave Seattle I decided that returning to my home was the ideal choice for me. Being able to be at home makes me feel at peace with the situation. For any athlete, it's a dream to get back to where they played , and where they thought they didn't have anything else to achieve and prove their opponents wrong. ?

    Ickey Ekwonu (OT, Panthers): "I will do all I can to safeguard any quarterback"

    Baker Mayfield or Sam Darnold, the fight for the position as the titular quarterback is expected to be competitive in the coming week on both the Charlotte side. But who will win is irrelevant to Ickey Ekwonu. He said his attitude won't change and he will do all he can to protect those who are behind him.

    "No no matter who the coaching team puts on the pitch I'm sure we'll be prepared," Ekwonu said. "We are all looking forward to be a part of the training camp. I'm sure we have faith in the coaching staff and whoever is in charge, I will do everything I can to ensure it stays safe."

    Justin Jefferson already sees himself at the top of the bill

    It's been just two years since he joined the NFL and Justin Jefferson (WR) already sees himself among the best players at his position. Asked to Bleacher Report about his top five as a receiver the 23-year old was second, just behind Davante, ahead of Ja'Marr's Chase or Cooper Kupp for 3rd, and Stefon Diggs in 5th. But he already sees further and believes he'll occupy the place of number one by the end of the following season.

    "I certainly have to gift this to Davante Adams this afternoon, he's so crazy and dynamic on the pitch. His plans are crazy, so I'm going to have to hand it to him at Buy Mut 23 Coins the moment, but I'm pretty sure after this year it will be me. ?