WOW players simply approach me

  • While leveling new personalities, I get so many automatic guild invites, and I decline all of them. Without fail, because each and every time, the guild has no reason to exist. Nobody talks about chat. There will be occasions at the calendar but have I ever seen anything actually happen. The automated message - that, by the way, I nor anyone else had ever asked to get - makes a lot of empty promises of group activities that simply never occur. It is annoying.

    I'm a new player also, simply hit level 45 on my first toon and I don't share exactly the exact same experience because the OP. Maybe it's because I'm on playing as a paladin. I remember when I was barely out of goldshire and got to stormwind the first time I had been excited af. I posted in /state I was new and expect that everyone was having a fantastic afternoon and just how excited I was to be there. Immediately after I got several whispers from different WOW players. I even had 4 WOW players simply approach me and try and exchange a huge sum of gold. I rejected all of them kindly thanking them but I want to go through the gold grind for my own and instead not require a handout.

    I had 2 invite me to guilds and one guy in particularly asked me where I was at in the trip, I told him I had been having a tough time with deadmines and that I partied with me and assisted throughout the dungeon and the remainder of my questing (we synced quests). Still at lvl 45 I am running into plenty of friendly people and I'm in a super useful and chatty guild. There'll always be bad apples in any game you play. Take 1 step into a game like Call of Duty and you're going to run screaming from the constant toxicity. There is definitely more good than poor.

    I believe that it's hard for a whole lot of epic guilds and fresh guilds in particular right now. Lots of people are seemingly leaving WOW WoTLK Classic and only the hardcore, attached playerbase is remaining behind in hopes that another expansion will be great. Additionally, it happens that a good deal of these WOW players already have guilds so they're not in the market for a new guild. The majority of the targeted individuals that join and leave or do not appear are individuals which are basically on the point of stopping until the following expansion and they may believe that joining a new guild is what is gonna get them to cheap WOTLK Classic Gold continue playing till they realize it is not gonna workout.