Paraphrasing to ensure Understanding

  • The aim of rewording is to try and convey another person's idea without losing its meaning. Moreover, the process can be challenging if the original text is not well-spelled. Thus, the author must find ways of improving the quality to hopefully satisfy the reader. Such tasks are often assigned to non-native English speakers who, in general, are not as familiar with the language.

    Typically, most works are in the form of subtitles that elaborate on the discussed subject. Although some will include additional sections where necessary, others will be a straightforward compilation of sentences and phrases. An example of a suitable alternative would be:

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    • Write a wonderful essay

    • Help me summarize the content in my outline

    How to Effectively Paraphrase a Sentence

    Thanks to technological advancements, writing platforms have come to the rescue of many writers. With the help of these tools, it is possible to change a sentence structure, add emphasis, and even replace passive voice examples with active voice over most of the quoted paraphraser texts. It is quite helpful in a debate, especially if the interpretation is done in a parameterized manner.

    When you are sufficiently prepared to begin a direct quote, you may be required to compose from scratch. You will need to adapt to the new text structure, which will differ from that of the primary source. Furthermore, the clarity of your arguments will be guaranteed since the information presented must be maintained.

    Consider the Style Requirements

    There are two main standards when applying to paraphrase. First, preference should be given to a specific set of words. The author must therefore ascertain that they settle on a style that is neither too broad nor too narrow. Ideally, you are expected to craft a plain text, but one rich in meaningful points.

    It is crucial to read through the instructions issued by the magazine to be sure that you are composing the correct version of the literature. You can do this by going to the internet, and you will notice that the rules for citation and formatting are vague. Hence, pay attention to the required referencing style, which might vary depending on the magazine or writer. If unsure, seek clarification from the editor or the client.

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