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  • Iverheal 12mg contains ivermectin 12mg as its main active ingredient present in the medicine.This medicine is an antiparasitic medicine which kills the worms residing in your or on the outer surface of your body.The main areas where they make there home are your eyes, intestine and skin.The main issues that are treated by this medication are scabies, onchocerciasis and filariasis.Scabies is a skin infection where they make their home on the outer layer of your body and it causes red patches on your skin and even irritation or extreme itchiness. In onchocerciasis it occurs due to insect bites or stings which causes skin and eyes infection,in this condition vision changes and even blindness is faced under this issue.In filariasis the parasitic infection travels to the lymph system and affects it.It even affects our immune system which causes too much trouble for our human body. So treating it as soon as possible is required, otherwise it can be a huge disaster with the years passing on.Iverheal provides you with a great solution and kills the worms on your body.