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  • What is 3FEA? 

    3FEA is a product chemical that belongs  to the  class  of  amphetamines . 3FEA  is the abbreviation  for 3-fluoroethamphetamine. This  substance  is commonly used as a substitute  search for  many other amphetamines  due to the fact  that it is legal  in  many  countries and that of  many other amphetamines  do  are  not. The   

    It has  been demonstrated  that the  effects achieved  with 3FEA  lasted up to four hours ,  this  makes it a  product  of  choice  for  researchers  in  chemistry  who  wish to make  the  experience  more  long . 3FEA has   stimulating effects ,  like  many  other amphetamines .   Buy Psilocybe Utopia online


     Where can I buy 3FEA?

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    However ,  only  the  people aged  over 18  years can buy  3FEA Web site Chemical Planet. If  you are planning to buy  from us,  you must also  comply with  all  the  laws  in  force concerning this product  in  your  country. Our 3FEA  is  not  intended  for  human consumption ,  but only for research purposes.  

    Legality  of 3FEA  

    Like its parent compound 3FEA, the pharmacological, toxicological, and subjective effects of 3FEA in humans have yet to be mapped out in detail. Anecdotal reports have characterised 3FEA as a moderately potent serotonin-dominant triple monoamine releaser that produces a mixture of entactogenic and mild stimulating effects. An extremely short history of human recreational use and users don’t sell it on the streets. It has recently been made available for sale on the grey market as a research chemical by online vendors. 2/3 fea pellets are addictive and have an unknown toxicity profile. Thus, users apply proper harm reduction practices if using this substance.

    Subjective effects of 2/3 fea pellets

    Unlike its close analog 3FEA, which is relatively functional and non-recreational. However, 3FEA appears to produce effects more similar to another analog 4FA, which produces marked entactogenic effects.They produce less stimulation compared to 4FA.  This has made some users report it as being primarily sedating. Thus, this effect profile likely makes 3FEA a poor candidate for functional use and better suited for recreational use.