• The tips here have been tried and tested, and it is true that Peter Dixon is one of the best professional voice actors in the UK. Known for voicing Voice over Artist for X-Factor, British Got Talent, Apollo Live Shows, 2012 London Olympics and various brand advertisements. During his illustrious 40-year career, he has appeared in more than 120 TV shows and series, many of which have won awards, voiced text to voice converter over 30 AAA games, and released over 30,000 radio and TV commercials!

    Hugh Edwards is a BAFTA voice text to voice actor and referee. With over 15 years of experience in the gaming industry with voice acting roles for Harry Potter movies, popular games and more.

    Thousands of voiceover workshops are held. Peter and Hugh know how to help beginners learn the skills of voice actors and speech text to speech writer.

    Basic Voiceover Skills

    This article is about how to become a voice actor. We will try to provide you with some common situations where you need to learn voiceover skills and get a job.

    Before you do your first vocal work, you must understand that there is still a lot to learn and do. Yes, I want to take the test, but first you need the right training, equipment, resources and, of course, talent. The good news is that despite the fierce competition in the dubbing industry, everyone has a lot of voice acting jobs. This guide on how to become a voice actor will help you know where to start.

    But before you do anything, ask yourself why you want to be a voice actor. Know in advance your goals, expectations, and motivations. It will make you more successful in setting small goals and the time will make everything run smoothly.


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