Everything You Need to Know about Demolition

  • Demolition is widely used in the majority of construction industries to replace the existing property with new ones. It is used when any building structure has lost its structural ability and also for the property that is prone to hazard. Demolition has helped a wide range of commercial industries to prevent damage and industrial loss. If you are in doubt about the strength and durability of the property, it’s advised to get a property inspection to detect the danger. Consult the top commercial demolition services Melbourne Company for necessary advice before taking any step towards demolition.

    What is demolition?

    Demolition is basically destruction or tearing down a building or a place to reconstruct it while preserving the existing elements. Demolition is performed by highly-trained professionals with total safety.

    How demolitions are performed?

    Demolitions can be performed in many ways that are:

    Interior demolition

    Interior demolition includes the destruction of the interior structures while maintaining the external portion. It is usually done while renovation or any structural modification.  It includes the removal of pipelines, walls, and other internal stuff.

    Selective demolition

    Selective demolition is generally the removal of the selective part without damaging the remaining part of the interior or exterior. It is carried out when you want to customized renovations and changes.


    The deconstruction method is also called dismantling. In this method, demolition is carefully done while preserving other components to reuse and recycle for future use.

    Total demolition

    Total demolition is the destruction of the entire space to reconstruct it into a new one.

    Mechanical demolition

    Mechanical demolition uses advanced equipment and tools for the destruction. It includes breaking concrete and steel material with the help of hydraulic excavators.


    Implosion is one of the effective methods of demolition. It helps to break down the building structure with the implosion. Though it is a risky method hence used in rare commercial projects.

    Crane and wrecking bail

    Crane and wrecking ball is one of the oldest demolition methods followed for many years. In this method, the crane operator will drop the wrecking ball on the building to destroy or just swing the wrecking ball on the structure to get demolished completely.

    How much does demolition cost?

    It depends on the size of destruction and complexity. Generally, demolition cost is calculated on the basis of square foot area. The cost of demolition ranges from $4 to $8 per square foot.

    If you are planning to construct a better home then, it’s advised to get it torn down and demolished. Demolition can be a little bit expensive but there is no harm because the destruction is completely worth it. If you aim to make a new and better place then it’s advised to consult the demolition expert for knowing legal procedure and permit related to demolition.

    Conclusion: Before proceeding with the demolition, always go through all the legal rules and regulations for the demolition process because, in some cities and countries, it is important to take a demolition permit that involves the right to demolish the property. Consult the reputed Commercial demolition Melbourne Company to carry out the demolition safely and effectively.


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