How Much Do You Know About The Different Types Of Skirting

    1. Aluminum skirting boards are often used in metal skirtings, and stainless steel is also used. Stainless steel gives the house a modern and rich look. This baseboard type imparts a sense of lightness to the interior. One of the biggest drawbacks of stainless steel baseboards is that they scratch easily.

        2. Pencil skirting is an accurate design choice for a space to bring a clean finished look. This type of skirting is used on plain walls as well as textured or patterned walls.

    1. Wood baseboards are a good choice for granite, marble, and tile floors. They give the house a sophisticated look. Another use for wood baseboards is in ceiling work, walls, and lightweight floors. Wooden baseboards are used in traditional interior decoration. There are various sizes and shapes of wooden baseboards on the market. There are also various colors and designs.

    1. Flush baseboards give the house a seamless aesthetic. This baseboard and the floor of the wall are on the same level. So the biggest advantage of these types of baseboards is that they don't carry dust like other baseboards, they stick out all the way out of the wall. These types of skirting save floor space and arrange furniture to fit perfectly against the wall.

    1. Continue the skirting: In continuous baseboard, as the name suggests, acts as a continuation of any element or member in the interior space, as shown, the dark brown baseboard is continued as part of the similar color of the stairs. These types of skirting boards take the overall look to the next level.

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