How I feel after entering WOW Shadowlands The Maw

  • Soon after entering Shadowlands, we were quickly thrown into The Maw, so our introduction to this new world was a bit weird. The basic feeling is that of the Warcraft version of hell, where the most evil souls suffer forever. From foreboding music to annoying orange palette, everything is as depressing as Icecrown, while completely free of the cold, blue and black appearance. However, the evil enemies and buildings remain consistent with the style of the Lich King, which reminds us that we are seeing the WOW Classic Gold realm where his power originated.

    However, when the story ends, Shadowlands will take a step beyond its previous expansion. Blizzard has been trying to sell us products for a long time, that is, the real game will start when you reach the highest level, and frankly, I never thought about it: I usually lose interest and pause after the level reaches a few characters. Go through all the dungeons several times. But Shadowlands was the first to make me want to believe in the expansion of the company's product line. Endgame activities have never been so diverse and interesting.

    It all starts with a covenant that every player has to choose, one of the four main factions of Shadowlands, this choice is independent of whether you are a clan or part of an alliance. Along with Revendreth and Ardenweald, Maldraxxus is the residence of dead warriors, where zombies and abominations with festering wounds and sharp armor do fight against them and are addicted to plagues and physical weapons. The Kylians of the fort seek self-purification in order to win angelic wings and become messengers to bring souls from mortal planes to the land of shadows. Everyone has a strong personality and cool new abilities, one of them is suitable for all covenant members, and the other is suitable for your class. Most importantly, you will be able to visit the Temple of the Covenant, which can be upgraded over time, such as special shortcuts near areas that only members can use, or the secret world Boss that can drop rare items.

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