Check Blacklist Domain By Google

  • How To Check Blacklisted Domain By Google

    Is your website consistently receiving warning messages that your site has been blacklisted by Google?

    Approximately 10,000 websites are blacklisted by Google every day and 90% of the blacklisted websites under hacked list. If you find you website blacklisted via Google, most probably, it is hacked.

    In order to safeguard users, these sites are hacked or affected through malware that mostly pop up as a warning sign. This, although can influence your website or business reputation. Once your website is blacklisted, results for such concern are critical. It avoids Google users from functioning your website. Revenue generation gets adversely affected when search engine begins to drop down.

    If you’re looking for the right information and aspiring to know why your website has been blacklisted, you have come to the right place! Here, we have gathered beneficial data collectively on one page. Keep reading…!!

    What is Google Blacklist?

    World’s most trusted search engine is Google and there’s no doubt in accepting that! Google wants the users to have a secure browsing feel innately. From accessing a hacked WordPress website, the search engine avoids users from functioning it. You tend to receive a security warning in which it depicts visitors that the website is not safe to use and they must get back to the safe mode. Following up with the security warning where it is informed to the visitor that the search engine giant has various segments of warnings for sites that might be hacked and affected with malware. Talking further about sites that might not have malware but nonetheless has been hacked and can be keeping the hold of malicious activities.

    Following are the errors that may pop up on your screen:


    Deceptive site ahead

    Reported attack page!

    Suspected malware site

    Danger: malware ahead!

    The site ahead contains malware

    The website ahead contains malware!

    This website has been reported as unsafe

    The site ahead contains harmful programs


    Visitors are being manipulated through hacked websites getting involved into malicious activities such as buying illegal drugs or redirecting users to alternative sites that are specifically crafted to deceive them into sharing sensitive data such as credit card or bank account information. Google however works as a protector for the user. It helps blocking users from visiting hacked websites since Google wants its users to have a safe browsing experience.

    Although, it is difficult for a website owner whose site is running under blacklisted phase because of malicious activities the person not at all aware of. To know more about malicious activities which is generally caught in the hacked website, our suggestion for you is to indulge into deep information and read more about it. Make sure that your website is blacklisted before stepping further to fix or remove Google Blacklist warning.

    Check if your website is Blacklisted or not by Google!

    ‘’Is my website blacklisted?’’ – The most common question that strikes every user! There are numerous check that will help you determine if your website is actually blacklisted or not. With the help of Google Safe Browsing tool, you can keep a check over or if you are too leaning, checking can be done manually. Online free tools can also be used that let you enter your site’s name and check. Read them one by one!

    Check Google Search Support

    Google keeps a continuous check over your website finding a new content that you might have added on your website. For a good and useful content, if the content meets Google’s benchmark, the search engine will help you rank your content so that the Google users might find it and go-through-it.

    During search, although, if malicious activities on your site is detected through Google and finds out that your website is hacked, it flags your site as not secure and sends you notification on your Google Search Support Account.

    All you require is to log into Google Search Console to keep a check if Google has sent you a notice. Choose Security Issues from the menu on the left. Infected URLS and malicious codes are the issues and problems that you will be facing on your website.

    Check via Google Safe Browsing Tool

    Easy-to go tool, Google Safe Browing as it is made through the search engine giant itselfIt is really simple and easy to use, there is no hassle. All you require is to fix in your site URL and it will reflect you all types of problems that your website suffers concluding being marked as blacklisted. When it detects malicious activities on the website, a domain is blacklisted through Google Safe Browsing.

    Check for an Accute Traffic Diminish

    A blacklisted website through Google has a fear effect. Foremost, you feel a fastest diminish in traffic, then your ranking falls and finally, your income takes a hit. Traffic can be tracked from Google Analytics. For the last 3 months, on analytics navigate from Overview to Behaviour and showcase the pageviews. You may have check the sharp decline. It can be because of Google blacklist not good.

    Check Utilising a Tool

    When it comes to learning for sure if your website has been blacklisted, a few tools are realoly handy without cost. The following are- “Is my website penalized?’’ Or “Is my website banned?”. You can also further proceed after making sure that your WordPress has been blacklisted.

    Remove Google Blacklist Warning with Easy and Simple Methods! 

    Well, there are two ways by which you can remove Google blacklist from your WordPress site.
    Following are:


    Using a plugin (the simple way)



    Doing it manually (the difficult way)


    Draw Out Website From Google Blacklist With a Plugin

    There are verious WordPress security plugins to select from. Various security plugins are ineffective. They see for known malware fixed in places where on typically finds malware. Security plugins require to look beyond known malware and familiar locations though provided the complexity of hacks in the current time. A security plugin, Malcare is not afflicted though any of the following problems.

    Looks Entire Hidden Malware: In several locations, MalCare provides a WordPress malware scanner that goes deeply into your website to detect malware hidden. MalCare can search out SEO spam, spam link injection, pharma hacks and alternatives types of hidden malware.

    Looks Latest and Complex Malware: It keeps a check over the pattern and behaviour of codes to search latest and complex malware and not just caklled malware.

    Allow Instant Malware Removal: MalCare permits users to clean their website in no time after detecting malware. Most common practice depicts that you’ll have to first raise a ticket and provide an external security professional access to your website. Further, an individual will wipe out your site that can take between a few hours to upto a few days to complete. MalCare, the only security plugin offers automated malware removal that permits you to clean your hacked site immediately.

    If you Observe Warning Messages on your Website, What Steps Must be Taken?

    On your website, if you see a warning message, it straightaway means that you have indeed been blacklisted through Google. For avoiding and stopping these warning messages from appearing and your website from being penalized ahead, you can take the following actions for fixing the website.

    Make a Visit to Google Search Console!

    For any security problems and issues, the foremost thing you require is keep a check on your website. You will observe a notification for it in the Search Console if Google finds any malware. Also, the Security Issues section on your website will even reflect you any hacked pages Google invents with instructions on how to place them.

    Make a Visit to the Google Transparency Report Website!

    As a final check, you can utilize the Google Transparency Report service in order to analyze and interpret which of your site’s pages include malicious content and need to be removed. The time you search these pages, you can keep a target upon fixing them in no time. The characteristic is specifically beneficial if you have a a large website with a lot many pages. In the two spheres, if you perform checks for at least once, you will have enough information to convert into normal language that division of your website are creating the issues.


    It is crucial to note down that your website can become blacklisted again, for any of the reasons that has been discussed here. However, what you should always keep in mind is to consistently keep a check on your website for malware, strange links, copyrighted content and prohibited SEO activities.

    More to this, you should keep a safe side of your website from being hacked. For doing so, you will have to enhance its security by adding a Two-factor Authentication, generate robust passwords and access your website’s backend from a secure internet connection.

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