This kinda ruined all my motivation to perform with.

  • Its not for nothing. You're enjoying the game and almost all of PSO2 Meseta your things transfers over, including paid currency AC and SG. The old game will still be around for some time. So enjoy the $FREE.99 content. I simply don't feel just like playing until this comes out. Hell maybe not even then. I invested around 200$ since j was actually enjoying the game and a lot time getting all 75's so if I wish to play this I'll lose most of it. So yeah. Well seeing as I've made a great deal of money off of scratches that I can not use and you can not move meseta, identification say I've been ripped off.

    Well what do you expect them to release a 50 min read on what is gonna transfer lol? This can be an overhaul not a brand new game it's clear they called it an UPDATE! This may be a silly question but is that coming to Xbox? I assume so but I only watched ps4 and pc about the Japanese trailer. Essentially, if you prefer said things, then keep them with you. If there are other things you want, look at selling to buy different items. Though you've got a thousand Meseta so may as well keep them.

    I kinda love that PSO2 is getting a"A Realm Reborn" level upgrade, at precisely the same period that FFXIV is reworking it is ARR to be user-friendly. So in fact, this is a brand new game which conveys characters and their makeup. I wonder weapons/units will stack up between the games. The indication you won't have the ability to equip some till you reach a certain level means that equipment you earn in PSO2 will probably be applicable to NGS, at least in the early phases of the match. Am playing in UK with no problems. If you want in sport purchases with real money it's a pain but other than that not region locked at all.

    Everyone's upset their"progress" will not move over, but nobody appears to realize that NGS is a wholly different game mode out of PSO2 as we now know it. They likely aren't. This is similar to being mad your Xenoblade Chronicles progress does not move over to Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They have similar battle systems with comparable leveling mechanisms, but they are not similar.

    That comparison holds true involving PSO2 and NGS. Comparing progress between both games is like comparing apples to apples. What you are complaining about is completely unrealistic. And, if you are so a lot of buy meseta pso2 purist which you'll just refuse to perform NGS, nice, do not. You're still getting a full graphical overhaul of the main game, which alone is sufficient to get excited about. You are acting like this will supercede PSO2 in every way and the present PSO2 will only die. The first PSO2 is getting a full engine rework and graphical overhaul, it couldn't be further from being dead. What more do you really desire?