hydrosol making equipment application principle introduction

  • hydrosol making equipment is integrated with washing, filling and capping. It is suitable for filling and producing all kinds of purified water, mineral water, juice drinks and tea drinks. After simple adjustment of some parts, this machine can also be used for pure water, mineral water filling production. Using microgravity negative pressure filling technology, filling faster, more stable, accurate, equipment equipped with perfect reflux system, avoid secondary pollution and oxidation of beverage; Can meet the technical requirements of hot filling below 95℃, and equipped with CIP cleaning system, can clean the liquid cylinder, pipeline and other liquid contact places; Adopt man-machine interface touch screen control, PLC computer control, inverter control and other mature technology.

    The application principle of hydrosol making equipment is as follows:

    1, the body structure is good, the control system is complete, easy to operate, high degree of automation.

    2, and materials contact parts are made of stainless steel, health, easy to clean.

    3, the use of cover system, with perfect cover feeding technology and protection device.

    4, equipped with overload protection device, can protect the machine equipment and operators.

    5. The control system is equipped with automatic control of material water level height and automatic stop device of card bottle.

    6, using suspension filling, different bottle type, bottle thick book can be used.

    7, the host adopts frequency conversion control, can easily adapt to the production capacity of speed regulation.

    8, micro electrical data control, stable performance, so that the operation is simple, more user-friendly.

    9, cylinder for filling power, high productivity, simple structure, easy maintenance.

    10, capping part is equipped with automatic skid device, screw the cap properly.

    11, soda water mixing using high strength atomization, volume pressure degradation mixing at room temperature, without freezing can achieve the ideal steam effect.

    12, novel and unique design, filling carbonated drinks or non-alcoholic drinks, do not interfere with each other, both can achieve the ideal effect.

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