led corn lamp factory has advantages

  • There is no doubt that the advantages of led corn lamp factory are more attractive. As a new type of lighting source, led corn lamp factory not only environmental protection, energy saving, environmental protection, but also has many other advantages.

    1. led corn lamp factory color changes: it does not only need different led color temperature milky white, but also has a variety of other colors, LED after different brightness can imitate a variety of colors of nature, bright and vivid.

    2. led corn lamp factory has a variety of maintenance: such as the use of world-famous manufacturers of components, experienced current, overvoltage, short circuit fault, lead, anti-shock anti-surge protector and other maintenance, the function is more stable.

    3. High color rendering index of led corn lamp factory: LED color rendering index reaches above 85, and the color of objects reflected is vivid.

    4. led corn lamp factory durable: Because LED with epoxy adhesive packaging or heat-resistant silicone rubber packaging, there is strong softness, not afraid of throwing not afraid of kneading, durable.

    5. led corn lamp factory no heat: traditional lighting lamps flash and are accompanied by high heat radiation source, the illuminated object will deform and fade, but LED is cold light, the light source has no heat, no other harm to the object.

    6. Long service life of led corn lamp factory: the service life of fluorescent lamp is only 1000 hours, the service life of led energy-saving lamp is only 2000 to 8000 hours, and the service life of LED is 80,000 to 100,000 hours.

    7. led corn lamp factory no UV light, infrared induction: the traditional lighting lamps have UV light and infrared induction, but UV light is toxic to the body, LED has no UV light, infrared induction.

    8. led corn lamp factory no flicker frequency: the traditional lamp has flicker frequency, which is harmful to eyes, especially for teenagers and children. LED is a constant current power supply drive, no flash frequency, no other damage to the eyes, can be excellent maintenance of children children's eyes.

    9. led corn lamp factory environmental protection: traditional lamp has lead, led energy-saving lamp has mercury, great harm to the body and natural environment; LED free of heavy metals and mercury, no other damage to the body, is a low-carbon environmental protection product.

    10. led corn lamp factory saves energy: LED saves 90% of electricity compared with fluorescent lamp and 50% compared with LED lamp.

    11. led corn lamp factory constant current power high precision: LED lighting is driven by constant current power led driver, constant current power precision bump and concave is a very key quality measurement specification of LED lamps. led corn lamp factory constant current power supply precision up to 99%.

    12. led corn lamp factory wide working voltage, color adjustable: there are 12V, 24V36V and 240V working voltage, color adjustable.

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