Switch Socket Mould pay attention to the details design

  • In home improvement, the socket switch is very inconspicuous, but these small links are closely related to people's daily life. Because it is a hidden project, once the design is not in place, it is more troublesome to change the dark line project. It is not only not beautiful to walk on the bright line or use the plug -in board, but also bring a lot of inconvenience to the future life. Therefore, in the early stage, we must communicate with the designer and strive to design the Switch Socket Mould in one step.

    Metal socket

    It is important to communicate with the owner

    Switch Socket Mould is designed with a very detailed design. Many people will ignore this link, but in the living and life, the frequency of dealing with this link is very frequent. Whether the Switch Socket MOULD design is reasonable and convenient, it has a very impact on living and life. big. Therefore, before the design, the designer needs to fully communicate with the owner to understand the needs of the owner.

    Although some owners do not know what they need, the designer must fully consider the details of life. Nie Ying, a senior designer of the Yuanzhou Decoration Jimei Branch, said that for the location set by Switch Socket Mould, we must first fully understand the owners' living habits, and feel the owner's living environment and conversation, and understand whether the owner has special hobbies. For example, a certain owner has the habit of reading books when he is sitting and drinking red wine when he is in a bathtub. When designing switches and sockets, you need to set the lamp source by the toilet. Need details such as small refrigerators.

    After the owner's living habits and actual needs, and the owner's economic conditions and investment to finalize the entire design plan, the designer must communicate with the owner to see if the owner really needs this design. Only by truly understanding the living habits of the owner can we design the Switch Socket Mould's system that really meets the needs of the owner, so as to bring considerate convenience to the owner's living and life.

    Decoration style to match

    In the choice of switch panels and sockets in the early stage, Deng Zongfeng, a senior designer of Kuanda Decoration, said that the switch has white gray and black silver. Consumers should consider color, style, furniture and home improvement style when purchasing.

    Nie Ying said that when choosing a switch panel, it is generally not sure that the brand, such as styling, feel, color, texture, etc. The color of the domestic switch panel is generally white, gray, and black, and sometimes it is difficult to match the overall decoration style. For example, in the retro style decoration, if the switch panel is white, there is a large color difference, which will also have a certain impact on the overall decorative style. Generally speaking, you can choose a switch with a crystal panel. It can be decorated by using the same or similar wallpaper or wall cloth in the expansion. It also has a shielding effect.

    Although from the perspective of human body comfort, the sockets are generally placed in a place 30-35 cm from the ground. It is said that this high-level person is the most comfortable, but Nie Ying said that considering the height and decorative style, the sockets in the kitchen and toilet are available in the sockets. Proper changes, such as 80-85 cm high in the kitchen waistline, can be considered or reduced or reduced the theme of the decoration style.

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