Analysis Corn Led Bulb Manufacturers

  • LED uses its efficient, fast and cost -saving characteristics to save energy, and obtain unprecedented opportunities in the lighting area. The lamp of corn lamps is small, and it is suitable for popular light heads in the country. It is set freely; the style is emerging, the technology is good, the product is unified, and the Corn Led Bulb Manufacturers specifically carried forward the energy green environmental protection without any waste.

    Therefore, when you are familiar with, you must clearly know what you ask for what you ask, so that you can correctly find your product correctly, so that the manufacturer will give you the right price. Energy and environment are the huge training faced by people at the moment, so safe saving energy and saving energy becomes the focus of world concerns. Taking lighting as a template, its battery loss accounts for about 20%of the total sales. It is a very important channel for reducing lighting electricity to save energy.

    1. Light -power corn lamp Household lights are suitable for DC power systems such as solar garden lights, solar street lights, solar reserve power supply lamps, solar family lighting, and ship lighting.

    2. This LED small -power corn lamp home lights are 360 ​​-degree irradiation effect, which is a good choice for indoor and outdoor lighting to replace ordinary LED lamps

    3. Drive circuit uses a lower -voltage constant current driver, which is more power -saving than the boost circuit

    4. LeD small -power corn lamp beads use chip 5500 high brightness patch lamp beads. Each brightness reaches 20LM, the brightness is guaranteed

    The development of science and technology is very rapid. The corn lamp lighting has gradually replaced the traditional light source to become a part of people's lives. TV and mobile phones have become part of people's inseparable parts. As a light source, corn lamps have gradually become dry flow.

    Because Corn Led Bulb Manufacturers does not need filaments, without the defects of traditional lamps that are easy to break, life span has also increased by nearly 10 times. According to the test, a 35 -watt lamp source can generate a 3x light flux of 55 watt halogen lights, which is similar to the life of the car. Therefore, installing Corn Led Bulb Manufacturers can not only reduce electrical energy consumption, but also make it more secure and convenient. It has also made environmental protection and energy -saving contributions to each bustling city.

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