How to choose Plastic Lock Shell Mould?

  • In the case of everyone's interior decoration, the Plastic Lock Shell Mould is indispensable. At present, there are various sockets on the market, and the price is different. Many people are unclear. The socket manufacturer Gausste told you how to choose the Plastic Lock Shell Mould.


    Experienced socket manufacturers know that the appearance of Plastic Lock Shell Mould is not so critical, but for residents, the socket is also the key element of decorating the wall. Therefore Below, the appearance of the socket is also very focused. The basic socket has a serious foundation. Generally, the surface is a thin layer of milky white plastic skin. If it is purchased to counterfeit and shoddy products, it is likely that the plastic skin is too crispy or loose. Indoor decoration is more than the level at home

    The cost of expensive socket costs is abundant, and the quality is generally extremely high. It has been used for metal materials, or the brushed process has been applied to the surface improvement. It is very good. It actually looks at your request which one actually chooses.

    2. Function

    The function of the socket is to carry out the power supply system equipment to different high -power electrical appliances according to the same specifications of power supply systems. Today's socket functions are getting stronger and stronger. The cost -effective socket function is single, only to ensure the basic socket function; and the expensive insertion contains a separate power switch control, and some will continue to contain touch, or the remote control function of the electronic device, so it will basically basically do the original socket basically basically One improvement.

    However, some experienced persons are not recommended to buy sockets with too complicated features, but it is very easy to break. If it contains a simple single power switch, it is actually enough.

    Three, safety

    Safety factor is one of the more key elements of living electricity. After all, home appliances are the items that everyone must touch every day everyone must touch the safety of family members. It should be placed first. Generally, most of the sockets on the market are mostly products for counterfeit and shoddy products. Although there are no problems in applying, it is relatively poor for safety maintenance problems. Sometimes the internal dissolving and burning conditions occur, which is very risky. The expensive socket is victorious!

    In the case of indoor decoration, selecting the sockets with well -known brands and quality assurance are very good in the middle of 10 ~ 20 yuan, which can meet your application requirements.

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