60 Watt LED CORN BULB for Sale Lighting Trip Lighting Color

  • At present, there are many small enterprise packaging factories in China because there is no color resolution device. It will be shined into a lamp and luminous colors, so it is difficult to guarantee the quality.

    60 Watt LED CORN BULB for Sale workmanship

    Generally, under normal circumstances, fully automatic machine processing, exquisite workmanship, good appearance. If the workmanship is not good, it is made by itself, which proves that the company's strength is not strong.

    60 Watt LED CORN BULB for Sale's shell material

    Generally, corn lamps will use aluminum lamps and plastic lamps. The aluminum is not only beautiful and smooth, no rough, but also good heat dissipation performance.

    60 Watt LED CORN BULB for Sale

    The price of 60 WATT LED CORN BULB for different brightness is different. There is a certain gap between the price of ordinary brightness and high brightness and highlight 60 Watt Led Corn Bulb for Sale. Therefore, when the customer understands, we must clearly know what kind of brightness they need, so that they can accurately locate their products to facilitate manufacturers to give you accurate prices.

    Remind customers to choose 60 Watt LED CORN BULB for Sale. Do not blindly pursue low prices and cheap LED lights. Significance.

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