Why should the textile industry choose Mesin SEDUT HABUK?

  • In the production process, the textile factories will produce a large number of small floods and fluffs, which will not only bring occupational diseases to workers, but also seriously pollute the environment. Especially when doing textile work, every process of it: from spinning to dyeing, weaving, weaving, and ZUI's dyeing cloth will produce debris dust. From this point, it is necessary to choose the clean environmental protection equipment of Mesin Sedut Habuk. Why do you have to choose Mesin Sedut Habuk?

    First of all, Mesin Sedut Habuk can work for 24 consecutive hours and uninterrupted work without too much protection. This reflects the powerful power and endurance of Mesin Sedut Habuk, which is more appropriate for the textile industry with many processes.

    Secondly, choose the appropriate Mesin Sedut Habuk its large -capacity barrel, which can inhale large amounts of dust debris, sewage, oil and pollution, etc., which brings great convenience to production and maintenance.

    Third, the mute effect of Mesin Sedut Habuk can reduce additional noise in the noisy environment every day, and the quality of each component is excellent, sturdy and durable, which greatly saves the cost of textile factories.

    In addition to the above three reasons, the spinning plant is also equipped with a filter with a filter and a paper dust bag, which can filter 0.3um ultra -fine dust to 99.99%. The cleaning work of this rate greatly reduces the environmental burden in the work of workers. It also plays an important role in preventing occupational diseases. In recent years, my country's environment has deteriorated, and industrial pollution accounts for a large section. Environmental protection is the responsibility of everyone. It is particularly necessary to use Mesin Sedut Habuk as a textile factory that produces a large amount of pollutants.

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