Industrial Endoscope Camera Module product characteristics

  • (1) Industrial Endoscope Camera Module Mirror: The feature of the endoscopy is a large field of small pores. Small aperture is designed for a long depth of view for the fixed focus endoscopy. The large field of view is required by endoscopy applications. Within close distances, you can observe as much as possible, only to ensure that you can only be guaranteed by a large viewing corner. The corner of the field will cause distortion, but the general endoscopes are not very high in distortion, and 30%-40%of distortion can still be used.

    (2) Industrial Endoscope Camera Module lighting system: The lighting of the endoscope is completed by the light guide system. After the strong light emitted by the light source is focused by the heat insulation, it will gather to one end of the light guide beam. In order to make the entire field of view uniform, the lighting beam lighting range should be greater than the angle of the field. Therefore, the light guide window must increase the divergence function and make the light guide window into a flat lens.

    (3) Endoscopy: The picture transmitted by the endoscopic transmission beam is large for observation through the eyepiece. Since the vision of each operator is different, the visual adjustment device is designed on the eyepiece. Due to the limitation of the diameter of the fiber, the magnification of the eyepiece should not be too high, otherwise it will affect the observation effect.

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