How to correctly operate FILAMENT TWISTING MACHINE

  • How to correctly operate the Filament Twisting Machine, as a glass fiber Filament Twisting Machine manufacturer, how to use it correctly, let Xiaobian take everyone to learn together!

    First, when installing the inverted FILAMENT TWISTING MACHINE, you must first fix the foundation to ensure the stability of its foundation. It is a serious vibration phenomenon.

    Second, in the process of installation, adjust the stretch axis of the stretching axis and the center line of the moldhole of the inverted Filament Twisting Machine to ensure that the stress between the line mold and the wire can be evenly distributed at runtime.

    Third, during the entire pull line, do not frequently open the inverted Filament Twisting Machine, or frequently park the inverted Filament Twisting Machine, because when we start pulling up, the tensile stress will appear. The abnormal and severe friction, and the friction at this time is much larger than the friction when it is pulled normally, so if you start or stop frequently, it will definitely cause very serious wear to the mold of the inverted Filament Twisting Machine.

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