Murray's relationship with fans needed healing

  • "Player must attend at least Mut 23 Coins of Independent Study (as as defined in the following) every week (excluding any bye week) throughout the Playing Season (as as defined in the following) during the time of Contact."

    It explains what this meansand that Murray isn't able to multitask during the time he is required to study. There are no gaming, no TV or internet surfing during these four hours. If this sounds odd, it's because it is. This kind of study clause has never been a part of a Madden NFL 23 contract before. On the surface it might seem like a big deal as we're already witnessing the consequences of this decision.

    The core issue with the addendum isn't mandating independent study as the mandate intimates. The preciseness of the clause would allow anyone to come to the same outcome: "Kyler Murray doesn't study and we're forced to force him to." This isn't in accordance with what the Cardinals required to do in this contract, which was create faith, show their trust in Murray and move forward.

    Murray's relationship with fans needed healing. There was hurt, fueled by rumors of potential trades and his desire to leave Arizona. Additionally, there was frustration over the fact that he was unable to play in the midst of an unsuccessful playoff match with the Rams. When it was imperative to have even solid trust building for all sides but the Cardinals introduced this clause and then ruined everything. It's now a new perception, and the belief that Buy Madden nfl 23 Coins does not work hard enough or is required to be forcibly to "love" football (a old pre-draft rule because of his passion for baseball) prevails once again.